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Use Vehicle Vinyl Window Perf to Announce Your Political Campaign in Orange County

 Aug 24, 2014
Vehicle vinyl window perf for election campaigns in Orange County

Announce your campaigns with vinyl window perf!

Election seasons in Orange County are busy times. With plenty of ballot measures to consider and numerous candidates running for local, county and statewide offices, it makes sense that getting great name recognition is a major factor for a successful candidate. There is no doubt that the contender with the most advanced as well as imaginative advertising setup will make a huge impression on the voters.

The proverbial connection of the face with the name can make a tremendous difference when voters cast their ballots and must consider a long list of names – some of whom may not ring a bell at all. To facilitate the highest level of recognition possible, consider the installation of vinyl window perf for Orange County elections. Of course, if you really want to go for the gusto and have the most tremendous impact, combine your perf with a full or partial vinyl vehicle wrap.

Election campaign vehicle vinyl window perf Orange County

Gain more votes with your 24/7 moving billboard!

Combine a name with a tagline

The tagline is to politics what the motto is to the boardroom rendition of a company’s values. It tells onlookers right away what you stand for. What are your key values and what do voters get when they select you for higher office? When you combine the tagline on a wrap with the picture of your campaign photo on the window perf, it is easy for voters to put a name with a face, which they can then put with your tagline.

Take your message to the people

Folks might know about you around your campaign headquarters, but do they still know you clear across town? Do they know you at the grocery stores as well as at the gas stations? When you use a window perf on your private vehicle, you take your name recognition generating vehicle anywhere and everywhere you go. This includes the school where you pick up the kids, the rescue mission where you volunteer and the park where you exercise. This is the kind of exposure that you just do not get with a stationary billboard.

Get your car back after the election is over

Removing a window perf is a snap. While it does have the power to last for years, it is easy to remove during the first year or so of being installed. Even if you decide to keep the ad material on your car for longer, you can still reclaim it at the end of the election cycle. There will be no damage to your vehicle, and it will remain in pristine condition. This is of great importance to the politician who leases a car.

Vehicle vinyl window perf for political candidates Orange County

And, it’s see-through!


The friendly folks at Superior Signs and Graphics understands that it can be a bit confusing when it comes to generating name recognition in the most hard-hitting manner possible over a relatively short period of time. Use vinyl window perf to announce your political campaign, travel to meetings with constituents and even just to make yourself known when you go to the store. Call us today to get your design consultation scheduled before the competition does! SuperiorCarWraps.com is the perfect choice for all your vehicle vinyl graphic needs!

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