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Pet Resort Adds Scion XB to Fleet and Advertises With Window Perf in Brea CA!

 May 18, 2014
Vehicle vinyl window perf Brea CA

Reel in more customers with vinyl window perf!

The Scion xB is Toyota’s version of the fashionable wagon with attitude. Hailed as a diminutive delivery van, it nevertheless offers quite a bit of cargo space on the interior while not compromising on looks. Not surprisingly, it is the perfect motor vehicle for the Wiggle Waggle Pet Resort, which promptly added the xB to its fleet of company vehicles. The resort operates 4,000 square feet of pet happiness in Brea. In addition to boarding, training and grooming, there are also dog and owner centered programs.

Picking up supplies calls for the spacious Scion xB while branding requires the touch of Superior Signs and Graphics. We previously added a graphics package to the company’s Nissan Pathfinder. Since advertising with vinyl window perf in Brea, CA, is quite successful for the resort, it only made sense to continue with fleet branding using vinyl window perf. For Brea, CA, customers, the sight of yet another vehicle sporting the attractive graphics of the company will do even more to reinforce name recognition, branding and advertising.

Vinyl window perf for Brea CA fleet owners

The Scion xb before the vinyl window perf!

Should you add a perf to your vehicles? Yes; and here is why:

Great for long and short term applications

Have you leased your vehicle? Is the lease up in two years? You can still enjoy all the benefits of a window perf without having to pay the price for a product that will last a full five years but has to be removed when you turn in the automobile. Sign & Digital Graphics, an influential industry trade publication, explains that a perf made from monomeric plasticizers has a two-year life and is generally a lot less expensive than the standard perf, which lasts about five years.

Bright colors demand attention

To maximize the display of the perf, it is generally advisable to focus on bright colors and enhance the image contrast. Not only will this technique help the look of the perf to pop, it also grabs the attention of onlookers. These colors are brighter than surrounding ads on billboards. So, even if you are not spending thousands of dollars, you sure look like it. Although it is already a proven fact that onlookers retain information displayed on vehicle wraps to the tune of 90 or more percent, you gain an edge when you also have the bright perf. And who doesn’t need an edge in business?

Now this Scion xb is advertising 24/7!

Advertise 365 days a year with vinyl window perf

New revenue streams

Subscribers to the local newspaper see your ad there. Listeners to the morning drive radio show might hear your jingle while commuting. When you add vehicle graphics – including the perfs – to your advertising lineup, you have the opportunity to open up whole new revenue streams from consumers who neither listen to your favorite morning radio program nor subscribe to the newspaper. Instead, they see you driving down the street or pulling up in front of a client’s home. Reaching these consumers may result in new sales and business opportunities.

Are you ready to get a perf put on your fleet vehicles? Whether you have one, 10 or 100 automobiles that are associated with your business, our experienced graphics installers can help. Call us!

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