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Van Decals for Cal State Fullerton Titan Shops – by Superior Signs and Graphics!

 Jan 11, 2017

Just recently, we had the opportunity to work once again with our friends over at the Cal State Fullerton campus. If you have been following our blog for a little while, you already know that we have built an excellent working relationship with this school. Over the years, we have put together vinyl wall wraps, an LED sign, a concession kiosk wrap, and wall murals that combine to create a strong brand presence for the campus. This time, the school called us to construct a set of decals for the Titan Shops delivery van.

Designing, Manufacturing, and Installing Van Decals for Schools in Fullerton, CA

School van graphics and decals in Fullerton CA

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From a marketing standpoint, the white delivery van is a sizable moving billboard. Leaving it bare and without any brand identification would be a shame. Because we already had the font style, lettering preferences, and mascot images on file from previous jobs we did for Cal State Fullerton, we saved our client plenty of time by integrating these style elements into the design.

Our technicians die-cut the shapes as needed. On one side, you notice the “Go Titans” emblem with subsequent lettering that spells out the Titan Shops website address. The back features the Titan Shops name, CSU affiliation notice, and the school’s logo. The other side presents the school’s mascot via a contour cut graphic that covers two doors. A repeat of the “Go Titans” message and website address is also present. When this van now rolls down the street, there is no mistaking whom the vehicle represents.

School Mascot Van Decals in Fullerton CA

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Vehicle Graphics Boost Corporate Name Recognition and Consumer Brand Awareness

If you use a vehicle in the course of doing business, a quick look at the success of mobile marketing should persuade you to use it as a branding and advertising tool, too. The addition of decal graphics ensures that no matter where the truck, van, or car might be, your marketing message comes across loud and clear.

Vehicle graphics for school vans in Fullerton CA

Show off school pride on the go!

Typically, you have three distinct decal choices.

  1. Opaque decals. Think of bumper stickers and standard vehicle graphics you might see on the doors of a van. They cover the surface and allow for a die-cut presentation of a mascot, logo, or niche-specific image.
  2. Perforated stickers. Ideal for placing on the rear windows of your vehicle, they let the driver see outside while those on the exterior of the van only see the advertising message. For the sake of safety, we strongly suggest that any marketing stickers you place on the windows (only rear windows, please!) of any conveyance rely on perforated vinyl for their displays.
  3. Clear graphics. If you do not want to contour cut the image but rather have it placed on a large, adhesive-backed vinyl sticker substrate, choose clear plastic. It gives the illusion of a contour cut without the expense.
School mascot van decals in Fullerton CA

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Whether you need van decals for schools in Fullerton, CA, or die-cut customized graphics for any other type of delivery vehicle in and around the counties of Orange and Los Angeles, we can help. Call our vehicle graphics specialists to discuss your vision for the look of the car, truck, or van!

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