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Etched Glass Stripes and Graphics for Auto Dealership in Los Angeles Adds Branding and Classy Look!

 Jan 04, 2017

Located at 730 Firestone Boulevard in South Gate, Ganas Auto Sales is the Southern California branding of Tricolor Auto, which is headquartered in Houston, Texas. A Los Angeles County institution for selling used cars, the business maintains dealerships in San Fernando, El Monte, Riverside, and Inglewood. Seeking to bring people together with the cars they need – in spite of credit difficulties – is a specialty of the business. When the company needed etched glass stripes and graphics for auto dealerships in Los Angeles, a management team representative contacted us for assistance.

Vinyl Graphics Inform, Offer Privacy, Brand, and Beautify

Vinyl door graphics for auto dealerships in Los Angeles County CA

Use vinyl door graphics to add your logo and operating hours!

The versatility of vinyl for graphics is nothing short of amazing. For the pros at Ganas Auto, we designed, manufactured, and installed a couple of products.

  • Front door decal. To inform customers and allow for another brand engagement opportunity, the dealership wanted to display its hours of operation and logo. We created a thin vinyl frame that is topped by the name and logo display. It features white letters and numerals. The combination of the logo’s red and white elements creates an attractive look.
  • Etched vinyl. Throughout the dealership, there are plenty of interior glass cubicles and doors. Because of the elegance that etched vinyl brings to a setting, as well as the enhancement of privacy for those seated inside, we created nine-inch tall stripes along the glass cubicle panels. They feature the Ganas logo via a reverse cut. What impressed our client was the professional display that looks perfectly in place without being overdone.
Frosted and etched window graphics in Los Angeles County CA

Frosted and etched vinyl great for branding and privacy!

Etched Vinyl Stripes Call for a Sure Hand During Installation.

Look closely at the positioning of the stripe we did for Ganas. We positioned it so that it would provide a visual shield for the associate typing on the computer. But because the stripe had to match perfectly with the height of the other lines around the room, taking accurate measurements was imperative. Moreover, there was no room for error during the installation process. Even the slightest manufacturing or mounting mistake would become glaringly obvious. Since our technicians and installers are pros, everything matches perfectly.

Frosted and etched vinyl window graphics for auto dealerships in Orange County CA

Great for office cubicles!

Other Office or Store Uses for Vinyl Graphics and Lettering

  • Wall murals. Turn a wall inside your office into a scene featuring a niche-specific image. Within a retail environment, a mural quickly becomes a point of purchase (POP) display.
  • Lettering. Spell out your corporate motto, mission statement, or a quote from the company’s founder in the lobby, hallway, or training room.
  • Floor stickers. Floor graphics are quickly gaining in popularity. They combine chic and innovation for an eye-catching visual display that appeals to shoppers who want to see a fresh brand engagement opportunity.
Frosted window graphics for offices in Los Angeles and Orange County CA

Ready to use vinyl graphics inside your auto dealership?

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