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Valencia Terrace Apartments Adds Anti-Graffiti Sign in Buena Park

 Mar 25, 2015

Located at 3902 West Valencia Drive, the Valencia Terrace Apartments feature onsite laundry facilities, central air and heating as well as included utilities. Access to public schools and parks nearby is easy. When it came time for this apartment building to upgrade its exterior look, the management team contacted Superior Signs and Graphics. We met with the client and determined that the location required one of our apartment complex anti-graffiti signs for Orange County venues.

The Importance of Anti-Graffiti Signs for Apartment Complexes

This particular marker succeeds at displaying the complex’s name in an attractive manner. At the same time, the surface is easy to clean with specialized products. This reduces the incidents of graffiti simply by minimizing the satisfaction taggers derive from marking spots where their “artwork” does not remain in place. In the past, commercial venues had no option but to replace their signage frequently when it was vandalized. Now, anti-graffiti signage makes this expense unnecessary.

Anti-Graffiti Signs for Apartment Complexes in Orange County

Graffiti-free apartment complex signs keep your properties fresh!

This sign presents with a contemporary post and panel setup. The facing features a dark backdrop against which there is white writing and the artful décor of a palm tree. It is an attractive marker that is easy to see for motorists. When you are ready to add your own apartment complex anti-graffiti signs in Orange County, we can help.

  • Multiple signage designs. Valencia Terrace chose a post and panel marker. You do not have to follow suit. For example, other clients have selected wall-mounted signage components or those attached to monument cabinets. Still others like the idea of having signs that are mounted to specialized poles to reflect the character of the neighborhood. You may also choose to have your light box cabinet treated to withstand vandalism by taggers.
  • Protective coating. We use an anti-graffiti laminate that keeps your sign material protected from the paint’s chemicals. While other materials absorb some of the paint, which then makes cleanup so difficult, this laminate wipes clean with a specialized cleaner.
  • Easy cleanup. If vandalism does occur, a quick wipe down with a solvent-soaked rag cleans up the unsightly graffiti. There is no need to rent a pressure washer, paint over the offensive slogans or call out expert maintenance crews. The cleanup is so easy that your employees can handle it themselves.

Need Graffiti-Free Signs for Your Complex?

The advantages of these product treatments are clear. Your building gains a good reputation in the area because it does not become part of a graffiti landscape. In addition, the professional look of the venue attracts high-quality prospective tenants. Before long, other apartment complex managers may take a page from your playbook and also commission anti-graffiti signage. The process repeats itself and continues on to change the look of the area.

Call us today for more information on this signage product. We gladly visit your location for a site survey. This also allows you to select your preferred display and mounting options. We can discuss the sizing of the marker and secondary signage components that would be excellent complements for your complex setup. When we treat those with an anti-graffiti coating as well, you prevent unsightly vandalism inside your building.

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