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4 Reasons Why Vehicle Graphics Will Brand Your Business

 Mar 19, 2015

Have you already gotten your vehicle graphics? Orange County business owners are commissioning these marketing and branding solutions in increasing numbers. For those of you who are still on the fence about this signage product, we have four reasons why you simply cannot top these graphics when it comes to branding in the OC – and beyond.

1. Almost 100 Percent Memorable

Did you know that 95 percent of people surveyed said they remembered vehicle graphics? This means that when you drive down the street during rush hour traffic, virtually all the folks who see you while sitting at a red light will remember your graphics. When they remember your graphics, they also remember your company’s name and branding information. This is the kind of advertising that you do not even get with radio or TV spots.

Vehicle Graphics Orange County

Graphics can be full, partial or spot graphics!

2. Constant Marketing

The newspaper ad markets for about a day or two until it is recycled. The TV commercial brands your business for 30 seconds – if the consumer is in the room. Vehicle graphics, on the other hand, advertise 24/7, 365 days a year – even when parked. Since the average vehicle vinyl product lasts for about five years, you get nonstop branding and advertising for this time. Park the truck, van or car in front of your business for additional eye-grabbing signage; place it in front of your home to generate interest in the neighborhood, or put it in the supplier’s parking lot to let folks know where you get your high-quality raw materials.

3. Takes the Message on the Road

A billboard does not move. It shows off your ad to the drivers who pass by. The problem arises when these drivers are not part of your target demographic. Avoid this hit or miss problem simply by taking your ad on the road. Drive to the neighborhoods where your buyers live, work and shop. Never again do you have to rely on motorists passing by your marketing message. Rather, you are now taking the branding information to them.

5 Reasons to get car graphics in Orange County

95% of people remember vehicle graphics!

4. Broad Range

You already know that you can expertly target a demographic. This comes in handy when you want to follow up on a paper ad blitz that you had used to target a certain neighborhood. But aside from courting a certain demographic, you have the added benefit that vehicle graphics reach everyone. Someone who may not be in the market for a chiropractic treatment today may remember you when a discussion turns to chiropractic care. Going back to the 95 percent of data retention previously mentioned, this consumer could now let peers know about your business simply because of the graphics you chose.

Add vehicle graphics in Orange County to boost your brand

Vehicle graphics the fastest branding tool on the market!

When you brand with vehicle graphics in Orange County, you reach your target audience and everyone else. Since this signage product is so popular and easy to remember, it is one of the most effective branding tools currently available to you. At Superior Signs and Graphics, we know that you have plenty of questions about these products. Call us today for more information.

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