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Where to Find Unique Car Wraps in Orange County

 Jun 08, 2014
Unique car wraps in Orange County

Imaginative designs that pop!

Who does car wraps for Orange County businesses? At Superior Signs and Graphics, we are proud to say that these wraps are a major part of our business. Marketing-savvy business owners have discovered that you simply cannot go wrong with the professional design, manufacture and installation of these vinyl automotive branding products.

Effective in Getting Your Message Across

It is virtually impossible to outdo the effective nature of car wraps for Orange County businesses. For example, did you know that your average 30-second commercial on prime time network television costs between $80,000 and $600,000? Although you reach a huge number of consumers, there are only very few who actually live in your service area. The rest of the eyeballs that take in your message are not interested in your service simply because of the location.

Best car wraps in Orange County

Market you business 24/7 with car wraps!

Magazine ads, too, are an iffy proposition. Although less expensive than television commercials, they still cost $120 per 1,000 local magazines. When you try to make your name known with a high-circulation magazine, you might be spending a lot of money. Unfortunately, response rates tend to be extremely low. This is true, in part, because of the readership makeup. Some receive the magazines as part of a subscription and may not be interested in reading through an issue. Others simply overlook ads as a necessary evil.

The same cannot be said for vehicle wraps. Always on, these advertisements roll through the streets as you drive to the job site, the store or make deliveries. When the car is on the road, you advertise your business. As you stop at a red light, you enhance name awareness. When you go through the drive-thru, you give consumers an opportunity to connect your company’s name to your business’ niche.

Car Wraps for Orange County are Attractive

Automotive wraps can be as artistic as you would like. If you have a design in mind, our experienced wrap specialists can make your vision become a reality. By the way, full wraps also allow you to include a window perf. This adds valuable marketing real estate to your automotive vinyl setup. Whether you are aiming for shock value, want to drive around a veritable artistic masterpiece or envision the use of realistic graphics on the sides of your car, truck, van or trailer, we can help.

Car graphic and wraps in Orange County

Your car wraps will get noticed!

Wraps Get Noticed

There is no doubt that car wraps get noticed. You stand out simply by not having a bland paint job. Moreover, when you combine lettering with decals and perhaps also social media icons as well as QR codes, your wrap is an attractive tapestry of images that piques the interest of everyone who sees the vehicle.

Another great way to turn heads is the use of realistic graphics. Have you noticed the trucks that drive around with a rear graphic that imitates an open hatch? This setup looks so realistic that some motorists have been fooled into believing that a truck is driving around with the back left open by mistake. You are certain to create a buzz with this use of graphics. For more information on how you can make your company stand out with a full wrap, contact our signage professionals today.

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