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Party City Gets New Channel Letters at the Village at Orange Mall!

 Jun 03, 2014
Channel Letter Signs for Malls in Orange County

At malls, new channel letter signs are often needed!

Located at 1500 East Village Way in Orange, the Village at Orange is a neighborhood mall that is run by Vestar property management. Always having a firm grip on the pulse of the neighborhood, Vestar succeeds at placing an attractive mix of stores in its managed properties. The Village at Orange features Sprouts Farmer’s Market, World Market, Ross and several apparel and home goods stores. When management representatives noticed that one of their tenants, Party City, had a channel letter sign that was mounted to an unsafe rooftop parapet, they contacted Superior Signs and Graphics for help.

We evaluated the signage situation and agreed with the recommendation of tearing down the old marker. To accommodate the unique color scheme that has made Party City’s markers famous, we carefully matched existing hues. Avoiding roof mounting was possible because we designed special raceway mounts that allowed us to hang the lettering even though the sign band was at an angle. Since channel letter signs for malls in Orange County have to abide by certain height restrictions, we worked closely with officials from the City of Orange during the permitting process. After successfully obtaining a special approval for the location as well as the sizing, the finished product is now professional installed and beautifully helps shoppers find the store that will fulfill their party goods needs. Additionally the sign matches the front sign on the building providing a consistent look.

Channel letter signs for property managers

A look at the installation of this channel letter sign!

Designing, manufacturing and installing channel letter signs for property management companies in Orange County, CA, as well as their individual tenants are always welcome challenges. First and foremost, we work closely with the management company to understand the area’s ambiance that the management seeks to create. When you drive through Orange County and adjacent Los Angeles County, you are sure to notice that each mall – whether large or small – has a very distinct atmosphere. Preserving it is a major concern when creating signs for a wide variety of retailers and service providers.

Secondly, we work with the individual tenants. As we discuss their marker needs with management team representatives, we occasionally need to seek out workable compromises with respect to placement of the letters. At other times, we need to construct unique adaptive installation mounts to display the channel letters and other markers in spit of building idiosyncrasies that make a standard marker installation unsafe or almost impossible. Finally, we have developed a good working relationship with local government officials who handle the permitting process.

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As you can see, designing and installing store signage for shopping centers takes finesse, a firm grasp of the atmosphere that the management company is working so hard to create and the skill to liaise between store owners, mall management and city officials. Our experienced signage technicians easily handle all aspects of these transactions – and more! We work with first-time store owners on the design of initial markers that help to brand their stores in just the right way so that they see their visions fulfilled. We also work with new additions to a mall’s setup who need to advertise a grand opening celebration without disrupting other merchants. Call us today to find out how you can benefit from our expertise!

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