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Three Dimensional Acrylic Lobby Logo Wall Sign Greets Employees and Visitors at the IMEX Factory in Irvine, CA!

 Jun 26, 2024

The next time you enjoy that first cup of coffee in the morning, there is a good chance you are drinking it using a cup made by IMEX Vision. When this client opened a new factory space, they asked our team to create their three-dimensional acrylic lobby logo wall sign in Irvine, CA.

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Custom 3D Lobby Logo Signs Give Life to a Brand Story

For this project, our technicians cut out the style elements from a sheet of half-inch-thick acrylic. Next, we painted them in the client’s two custom colors with an attractive satin finish. For the installation, we selected a method to mount the lettering to the wall without drilling any holes. Why? We wanted to give the client the freedom and space to rebrand at some point in the future without having to deal with pre-drilled holes. The client loved the look and now wants more signs for the factory!

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