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Office Wall Sign Exhibit for UCI School of Engineering in Irvine, CA, Makes a Visual Impact!

 Jun 24, 2024

When the UCI Samueli School of Engineering needed an office wall sign exhibit in Irvine, CA, the administration contacted our team. Founded in 1965, the school serves graduate and undergraduate students. 

Acrylic panel signs mounted with brushed aluminum wall standoffs in irvine, ca

Mounting 16 Acrylic Panels with the Precision an Engineer Would Love

This client found our shop on the Internet. Impressed with what they saw on our website, they wanted to install acrylic wall graphics. However, the office wall signs would be of varying sizes. Because the School of Engineering students are famous for their attention to detail, the client was concerned whether it would be possible to mount all the panels with exact spacing on the focal wall.

Could we do it? Of course! We cut the panels and then used the cut files to create a large paper install template. Our technicians marked the wall standoff holes. During the installation, we were able to place the products precisely where they needed to go. The entire display is perfectly level and spaced. It looks great and does a fantastic job of underscoring the venue’s mission. 

office wall signs and wall decor in irvine, ca

Building a Brand with Wall Decor

Acrylic panel signs can be works of art. They are also excellent examples of using art to advertise products and build a company’s brand. A case in point is Scoops Ice Cream Shop in the OC, where we put together acrylic panels as restaurant wall decor. These wall graphics feature the company’s products in beautiful detail. We used high-resolution images for this project.

Our team has also worked for the Little Lake City School District, which needed office wall signs displaying its mission and core principles. Our installers placed four panels in a large conference room to serve as a backdrop to meetings. We used brushed aluminum standoffs for the installation. 

Another great use of an office wall sign exhibit in Irvine or anywhere else in the OC is for donor recognition. Using acrylic panels as donor support signage, creating an inspiring setup that honors those already supporting an organization is possible. We did something like this for the Boys & Girls Club of Santa Ana. In addition to giving donors a nod, it may inspire future donors to support an organization.

acrylic wall graphics and office wall signs in irvine, ca

Acrylic Panel Signs as Art

Of course, you do not have to focus on brand mentions or the corporate color palette. Some clients have had excellent success with using acrylic panel signs as art that sets the tone for the location’s overall atmosphere. We can work with the graphics you already have or assist you in locating images that are ideally suited for your purposes. Find out more about what acrylic panels could do for your space. Call us today!

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