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Social Distancing Floor Decals for Businesses in Orange County CA!

 May 04, 2020

OC businesses are about to reopen. Do you have social distancing floor decals in Orange County, CA, in place? They signal to the consumer that you have a plan to keep them safe. The team at Superior Signs and Graphics has created a setup that allows for unique customization.

Custom Floor Decals for Physical Distancing Include Your Branding

Social Distancing Floor Decals in Orange County CA

The six-foot social distancing rule is here to stay – at least for a while. To ensure that your employees and customers comply, it makes sense to assist them with this new way of doing business. For retailers, service providers, and others who anticipate customers having to stand in lines, it makes sense to invest in customized floor decals.

Social Distancing Floor Decals for Reopening Businesses in Orange County CA

At this time, some of our business clients order round decals that feature their corporate logo and color play. It is an excellent way of adding another brand reminder to your space. Others choose to forego the branding but remind the customer of the six-foot rule. Our team can accommodate both types of orders.

Mark Social Distancing Positions Anywhere

Social Distancing Floor graphics in Buena Park CA

It is a common misconception that you have to have a smooth laminate floor to install these products. This is not the case. In fact, because we are familiar with a broad range of vinyl materials, our technicians will select the ideal product for your flooring. In this way, we can accommodate clients with smooth floors as well as rough surfaces, sidewalks, and even carpeting.

Floor decals for physical distancing in Buena Park CA

Besides that, we gladly treat your decals with UL-listed non-slip laminates. Doing so enhances safety in areas where floors may get wet. By the way, the laminate for rough surfaces is comfortable to stand on, which is a plus for your customers who have to wait to be let into the store.

Choose a Shape That Works for Your Setting

Custom Floor Graphics for Social Distancing in Orange County CA

Although round floor graphics for physical distancing are among the most commonly requested products, we do support the design, fabrication, and installation of other shapes, too. Rectangles offer you more space for a message and could be excellent options when your customers typically shop with carts.

Custom shapes could echo your corporate logo, a niche-specific image, or the form of a mascot that is a part of your brand. That said, we can, of course, accommodate orders for a wide range of geometric shapes.

Don’t Put Off Ordering Social Distancing Floor Decals in Orange County, CA!

Floor Decals for Social Distancing in Orange County CA

Superior Signs and Graphics is at the forefront of one-stop signage shops that are helping the local business community get ready for reopening. However, the timing of your order is of the essence. Although we operate with a full staff, which allows for the customization and full-color print as well as quick turnaround of your orders, new ones are coming in daily.

Do not be caught without the signage supplies you need when it is finally time to welcome customers back to your stores or offices. Rather, get your orders in now so that you can make any changes to your interior setup that the new social distancing rules require. Call us today at (714) 248-5901!

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