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Restaurant Remodel Includes Cafeteria Style Signs and Wall Graphics!

 Feb 26, 2015

Superior Signs and Graphics professionals are well known in the local business community for their collaborative work with real estate developers, architects and interior designers. Case in point is our work with Kruse Designs in Orange County. Interior architect Donna Kruse called us for assistance with a unique restaurant remodel.

Restaurant Signs Orange County

A look at the juice bar

Amazing Restaurant Remodel!

The property in question is located in Indian Wells, which is near Palm Desert. It is home to the world-famous Indian Wells Tennis Garden. With 29 concrete courts featuring the PlexiPave surface, a fitness area and two stadiums – one featuring a 16,001 and the other an 8,000 seating capacity – with press rooms, interview rooms and commissaries, this venue regularly hosts special events and tennis championships.

Interior restaurant signs Orange County

Amazing coffee/espresso bar

During the three months of the tennis championships, the restaurant is open. But during the last round of meets, it became obvious that the venue needed a remodel. Its interior color scheme made it look outdated. This is when Kruse Designs got the call. Realizing that there would be a need for signage that fit in well with her interior design vision, she called us in for assistance. We quickly got to work on the restaurant signs and graphics. In Orange County, there are already plenty of local eateries where you can see our handiwork. Now, it is also featured in Riverside County.

An Overview of What’s New!

Cafeteria Signs Orange County

The must-have sushi bar

With so many different sign solutions utilized inside this restaurant, we wanted to list them all. We’ve also included amazing images to help you visually see the transformation of this remodel!

Vinyl Wall Graphics

Wall graphics for restaurants in Orange County

Every station has a new look

Measuring 22 inches by 72 inches, the vinyl wall graphics are installed above each food cart. They identify the food choices that are being served at the stations. These graphics also serve as backdrop frames for the television monitors that are set right above the centers to display the menu items. However, these are not your run-of-the-mill markers. They rely on avant-garde design features to stand out. The dark color of the TV screens is beautifully offset by the orange and white of the signage that flanks them.

Coffee Bar

Coffee and espresso cafe interior signs Orange County

Another look at the coffee bar

For the coffee bar with manufactured Lavazza signs. Six mug graphics are installed in 10-inch by 10-inch cubbyholes of a cabinet. The graphics display a mug with the name of the drink and its ingredients. The black and white of the signage brands Lavazza and integrates well against the mocha-brown tile backdrop.

Butcher Block Signs

For the fresh juice bar, we used a butcher block with an added vinyl graphic. It highlights the fresh nature of the ingredients with green vinyl as well as the orange color that other signage displays. We used fruit cutouts for other butcher block signs that are also installed over the area.

Interior signs for restaurants in Orange County

The juice bar received butcher block signs

Cart Lettering

The carts hold the food. We installed vinyl cart lettering to identify the type of food that is being served there. The lettering is six inches tall, which makes identification of the items easy from any location of the venue. The lettering features a black color, which stands out against the almost-blond wood grain pattern of the carts.

Need a Restaurant Makeover?

Salad bar signs Orange County

A look at the salad bar

This restaurant is now as avant-garde as the audiences and players that attend the tennis matches. There is no longer a dated appearance to be found. Whether hungry tennis fans want sandwiches, Panini or salads and sushi, the harmonizing signage guides them along even as it acts as a distinct ambience maker.

Signs fo restaurant makeovers in Orange County

What an amazing restaurant remodel!

When this is something that you are envisioning for your restaurant, bistro, deli or other eatery, we can help. We gladly work with you or your interior designer to create cafeteria signs and graphics in Orange County and its surrounding areas. Call us today for more information on these products as well as other signage packages that we offer.

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