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Yes, We Can Vinyl Wrap Arcade Games!

 Feb 24, 2015

Located in Buena Park, Prize Box Games is a small business that specializes in arcade games. Winners receive attractive prizes such as iPads and other consumer electronics items. The arcade games are located in a variety of malls. Examples include the Westfield Mall in California. It was the management of this location that asked Prize Box Games to replace the peeling and somewhat boring back of one of its machines with new graphics. This machine was placed in a way that left its back exposed to consumers. This is when Superior Signs and Graphics got the call.

Adding Vinyl Wraps to Arcade and Video Games

Arcade game vinyl wraps Orange County

Before the vinyl wraps….

Would we be able to create, manufacture and install arcade game vinyl wraps in Orange County? Of course, the answer is yes! We visited with the client to discuss the images for the wrap. After a few sketches, the client decided on a wrap that would imitate a rich wood grain, which would mimic the look of a pirate’s chest. We would then add the company’s logos and apply a high gloss finish. The look of the arcade game is now completely reformed and it looks like a high-tech machine that is sure to attract plenty of players.

Video game vinyl wraps Orange County

…printing the vinyl wraps

Video game vinyl wraps for Orange County businesses are not our first foray into wrapping something other than cars, trucks, vans and similar vehicles. We have already worked with vending machines, photo booths, refrigerators, garage doors, bars and pretty much everything else our clients ask us to work with. The goal is the beautification of the item and, in the case of commercial property, marketing, branding and advertising of the company that commissions the work.

Arcade game vinyl wraps Buena Park Mall

The amazing transformation!

In this case, the arcade machine required attention not just because of the mall management’s requests but also because it simply makes sense that a visually striking machine attracts many more players than one that is perhaps not as eye-grabbing. Arcades succeed because they count on consumers to make the split-second decision of playing a game. This decision is usually based on the appeal of the machine, which depends heavily on the graphics in use and the colors displayed.

Adding a theme to the look, as we did with the pirate motif, is certain to appeal to the inner child in adults. For adults with kids, the pirate motif may entice the kids to have their parents try the machine. There are plenty of other motifs that we have worked with in the past. A favorite is the space theme, which now heavily favors the publicized Mars expedition. But retro looks are also among those graphics that our clients request. These graphics mimic those that were so popular in the 1980s, when video game arcades were among the favorite hangouts of teens.

Video game vinyl wraps Buena Park

Wrapped to perfection from front to back!

If You’ve Got It, We Can Vinyl Wrap It!

Talk to our vinyl wrap professionals today to learn more about our approach to treating arcade games and other machines. We work with you to discover an appearance that ties into the game and also markets your business. Next, we discuss the sizing of the style elements to give the machine the right look that appeals to your target audience. Finally, we professionally install the vinyl and ensure a perfect look.

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