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Shipping and Receiving Signs That are Durable and Affordable in Los Angeles, CA!

 Oct 03, 2022

Combining nature, science, and wellness, Vege Labs at 412 West Cypress Street is a thought leader in the beauty and wellness industry with more than six decades of experience. When this company decided to take its signage to the next level, the management team contacted our shop to do the shipping and receiving signs in Los Angeles, CA.

Before the Upgrade: Black and White Displays with a Dated Look

receiving signs before replacement

The client had signage already in place. Although the receiving signs before replacement were still in good shape, the combination of the font, color, and overall presentation had a dated appearance. The management team decided that now was a good time to upgrade the signage display and incorporate some color from the corporate palette. We were glad to assist with this project!

Full Custom Signs for Shipping and Receiving Areas

One of the colors that has become associated with the company’s brand is teal. Therefore, we proposed to fabricate receiving area signs that would feature the corporate logo and name and the teal hue. 

receiving area signs in los angeles

Our graphic artist put together a sign with the teal name and logo on the top against a white backdrop. The bottom half of the design is reversed. While lettering and numerals stand out against a teal backdrop. This combination is easy to read, looks attractive, and freshens the company’s approach to communicating with drivers.

shipping and receiving signs in los angeles, ca

All in all, we designed, produced, and installed three aluminum composite shipping and receiving signs. Technicians used one-eighth-inch-thick aluminum composite. It is lighter than solid aluminum, just as durable, and less expensive. Because we understand that the colors have to look great for years to come, we added laminated prints on 3M vinyl, which provides UV protection. 

custom signs for shipping

Placard Mounted to the Facade Greets Visitors

Our shop is currently working on a larger building sign project for the client. However, in the interim, we fabricated a brushed metal placard that we mounted with brushed aluminum wall standoffs. It displays at the front entrance door and takes advantage of the great look metal brings to a brick facade. Fitting perfectly with the venue’s overall ambiance, this sign is an excellent extension of the client’s brand story. 

brushed metal signs in los angeles, ca

Do You Need Updated Shipping and Receiving Signs in Los Angeles, CA?

How do your shipping and receiving signs look? Do you have any in place? Has your business grown and added new bays, but you never got around to numbering them? Our team can assist you with all of your signage needs. 

We can overhaul signage that gives your location a dated appearance. If you are happy with the signage you have but need additional markers to bring your property up to date, we can help produce signs that fit perfectly with those already on display. Of course, if you are outfitting a location for the first time with wayfinding signs, shipping and receiving markers, and building signage, discuss your plans with our graphic artist.

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