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Commercial Transport Truck Wraps and Graphics in Buena Park, CA Advertise Mile After Mile!

 Sep 30, 2022

Our shop started its working relationship with MDC in 2021 when the client was looking for utility trailer vinyl graphics. We then worked on showroom wall graphics for the business. With the walls treated, we pulled in the window surfaces for advertising with perforated window graphics. Next up, our team printed exterior wall graphics to advertise. The last project we did included decals and lettering for commercial trucks. Business has been good; the client added another truck to their fleet and now needed additional commercial truck wraps in Buena Park, CA.

MDC truck before wrap

Taking Advantage of Overland Transport Routes to Advertise the Business

As you already know, MDC is a high-end sport trailer manufacturer from Australia that has become part of the Orange County business community. The company operates a showroom and warehouse in Buena Park. Frequently, the business will transport incoming trailers from the Long Beach Port. Some go to the Arizona warehouse, where the company also operates. Read more about this project on our SignWorldGo blog!

Read More About this Project On Our SignworldGo Blog

Commercial Truck Wraps in Buena Park CA

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