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Custom Wayfinding and Directional Signs for Businesses in Fullerton, CA!

 Sep 28, 2021

Our technicians have done much work on the Cal State Fullerton campus. One example is the 3D acrylic letter building sign for the Student Recreation Building. This time, the client invited us to come back and prepare some custom wayfinding and directional signs for businesses in Fullerton, CA.

Signage Suite Communicates with Venue Users

Directional signs for businesses in Fullerton CA

For this project, we replaced pools signs. The new materials handle moisture very well. You will notice white on dark blue printing for the pool rules, which makes the lettering pop even in direct light. Our technicians flush-mounted the signage to the wall. We then fabricated a sign for the pool occupancy rules, which is a requirement.

pool area signs in fullerton, ca

We also did eight directional as well as wayfinding signs inside the building. These blade-style products are made of quarter-inch-thick aluminum composite with aluminum framing. Our team painted the blade signs to be noticeable against the cream-colored walls. Installing them perpendicular to the wall allows for a direct line of sight for anyone in the hallway – even if the campus gets busy.

Wayfinding Products for Your Business

blade signs for businesses in Fullerton, ca

For Cal State Fullerton, the selected products were blade signs with an upper wall installation. These signs work very well when you anticipate that your hallways get busy. Of course, there are other options, too.

pool capacity signs in fullerton, ca

  • Wall directories. Designing wall directories is different for every business client. Some operate on two floors and want to have a directory spelling out what is happening on the current floor as well as on the next floor. Others have multiple offices and departments on one long corridor, which calls for a directory featuring door numbers and arrows. We recommend slide directories that let you make changes to the various places as your space allotment changes.
  • Illuminated directories. Many companies like to create an interactive wayfinding experience. For them, illuminated kiosks are a way to serve multiple customers at the same time. Each side features a backlit map that displays the various places someone could be looking for. By orienting the shopper with the “you are here” notation, wayfinding is more interactive.
  • Floor and wall graphics. Wall graphics for wayfinding are making a comeback. In the past, hospitals and schools would add color stripes to their corridors to help people find their way around. Some companies are now reviving this practice. Others ask us to place their wayfinding details on the walls with graphics. It allows the company to add some artistic flair and brand representation to the project. Floor graphics also work well, mainly when you use branded shapes.

Let Us Customize Your Next Directional Signs

pool signs in fullerton, ca

Superior Signs and Graphics specializes in designing, producing, and installing custom wayfinding and directional signs for businesses in Fullerton, CA, across Los Angeles, and around Orange County. We can replace existing signs, design new ones, or put together a comprehensive overhaul of what you currently have.

We use a wide variety of materials, depending on your taste. Examples include acrylic, metal, high-density urethane, and PVC. Most importantly, we can add LEDs if you prefer. Contact us today to discuss your next signage project!

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