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Foam Letter Building Sign with Brushed Metal Face Brands Psychiatric Practice in Anaheim, CA!

 Sep 14, 2021

Last year, we worked with AB Psych Consulting to design, produce, and install custom window graphics and a brushed metal logo wall sign. When the client connected with our sign shop this time, they requested assistance with a foam letter building sign in Anaheim, CA, with a brushed metal face.

Creating a New Foam Letter Building Sign in Anaheim, CA

Foam Letter Building Sign in Anaheim CA

Our technicians started the project by cutting two-inch-thick sign foam into the letters and symbol shapes you now see on the façade. Next, we painted the letters’ sides silver. Our specialists now flat-cut brushed metal letters from a sheet and mounted them to the tops of the foam pieces. For the logo, we added an orange vinyl overlay to capture the corporate color palette. After adding a final laminate, we installed the style elements.

Why Does Your Business Need a Building Sign?

Foam letters with brushed metal face

You already know that featuring your corporate persona on the building front is a clever brand-building step and suitable for helping customers with wayfinding. However, there are other reasons that you might not have thought of.

For example, did you know that featuring a building sign increases your company’s credibility? Because everyone around you has building signs, you stand out when you do not. This might give shoppers the impression that you do not anticipate being in business long. Moreover, it communicates that maybe you do not have the financial backing to do so.

How to Choose a Building Sign That Encapsulates Your Brand Message

Sign installation in Orange County CA

For AB Psych Consulting, a foam letter building sign with brushed metal face installation was the right product. What would showcase your brand message?

  • Building letters. Three-dimensional building letters are popular. We make them using sign foam, acrylic, or metal. Our technicians can create an identical replica of your color palette or bring the letters to life with metal finishes. By the way, some clients decide to go big and have us cut the letters from vinyl.
  • Box cabinets. If you favor a cabinet in a rectangular shape, we can accommodate your designs. We imprint an acrylic or polycarbonate sheet with your information. Inside the cabinet portion, we hide LEDs. After dark, they illuminate the facing from behind. It is an excellent way to draw attention to your location.
  • Metal plaques. Another kind of signage solution our clients like is the metal plaque. Our technicians can etch it or cast it. Depending on the display you had in mind, the quantity of lettering you need, and the use of colors, we may recommend one manufacturing method over the other.

Buy a Building Sign that Performs All These Functions – and More!

3D Letter Building Signs

Superior Signs and Graphics designs, produces, and installs building signs in Orange County as well as Los Angeles County. We work with members of the business communities on the design of these products, offer input about sizing, and help you select an ideal material for your brand message. Besides that, our shop handles all the paperwork, such as pulling permits.

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