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Transportation Company Brands With Semi Truck Graphics in Orange County

 Oct 02, 2014

Relique Transportation is an owner-operated Westminster transport company. In business since the beginning of 2014, this company relies on a sizable modern truck to haul cargo and anything else that needs to be transported. But, thus far, the truck remained plain and unbranded. This is when the proprietor contacted Superior Signs and Graphics. Telling us that it was time to add the types of semi truck decals Orange County owner-operators rely on for branding, marketing and inviting referrals, we went to work.

Semi truck graphcis Orange County

Vivid, vibrant and they also brand your fleet!

Choosing blue, white and turquoise colors against the black background of the truck, we added the company’s name and logo. What is more, we also added some aesthetically pleasing decals that draw attention to the name and logo portion. All the required state and federal data are also added in white lettering. Now, the truck not only hauls the cargo it is commissioned to transport, but it also advertises the business in the process. What about you and your business? Do you need transport company trailer graphics? Orange County truckers – and those from surrounding counties – have come to realize that the competition on the road is getting tougher.

Lettering and Decals

Vehicle vinyl lettering is a basic setup that displays the name of your company, a logo and any additional information that you want to make known. Whether you are an owner-operator or the owner of a fleet of trucks, nothing identifies your business’ name quicker than decals and lettering that bear your name and display your logo colors.

Semi truck and trailer graphics Orange County

Add flair to your semi truck graphics!

Partial Wraps

A step up from the lettering and decals is the partial wrap. Usually this involves the sides and uses colorful vinyl sheets to identify not just the name of your company but also adds some eye candy. Colorful designs, product-specific pictures and anything else having to do with the trucking industry may be found on these partial wraps. Choose your colors with the base color of your truck in mind. White and black are great colors to work with.

Full Wraps

This type of wrap is independent of the truck’s paint job. It is the most noticeable way of advertising your company’s name. There is plenty of space to brand, market your routes and draw attention to other important information. In addition, since the entire vehicle is wrapped, driving down the road is sure to turn heads. This works great for tow trucks as well as those hauling cargo.

Advertise with semi truck graphics in Orange County

Long lasting and durable!

Trailer Wraps or Decals

If you own a trailer as well as your truck, consider wrapping the trailer as well. Display company-specific information, pictures of what might be inside or consider adding landmarks from the states that you routinely cover on your routes. The possibilities are endless. If the wrap is not feasible for your business at this time, you have the option of adding a large decal that draws the eye and gets motorists and consumers to pay attention to your trailer and truck.

Talk to our expert semi truck graphics professionals for additional options and to get information on how to get started branding your vehicle!

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