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Sales Room Wall Signs Motivate Realtors in Orange County!

 Jun 09, 2016

Longtime readers of this blog may remember the work with did for Reliance Real Estate Services. Located at 2226 North State College Boulevard in Fullerton, this company is in the business of residential real estate transactions. When we first started working with this client, we created an attractive logo lobby sign from Gatorfoam. When the management team contacted us this time, they needed sales room wall signs. For Realtors in Orange County, CA, motivating the staff is a primary concern. With this product, inspiration and motivation are no problems.

The “Great Wall of Sales”

Sales Room Signs in Orange County CA for Realtors

This “Great Wall of Sales” motivates!

When consulting with our client, we learned about the plans to put together a Great Wall of Sales. The goal of the display was not just to present the star performers but also to highlight listings. We started with half-inch-thick PVC to which we added a brushed metal face. This presentation looks like solid aluminum but saves the client a considerable amount of money.

Dimensional Letter Sales Room Wall Signs in Orange County CA

The installation!

When we arrived for the installation, our client had set up black acrylic panels that create an excellent visual counterpoint. Our installers put together the top 10 logo and the headers, which present with reverse-cut lettering. We used half-inch spacers to stud-mount the letters. This design lets them stand off the wall. The finished product is eye-catching, attractive and takes up the space with a visually balanced display.

Motivating With Signage? We Can Do That!

Realtor sales room wall signs in Orange County CA

What a way to pop the entrance of a real estate firm!

The idea of creating a wall display that motivates employees works well because of the visual nature of the presentation. The accessibility of the information also allows the management staff to change the listings and other information as needed. Of course, there are other motivational signage ideas as well.

  • Wall graphics or murals. When you want to use the length of a wall to inspire workers without having to change information and update data, consider a wall wrap or mural. It consists of a variety of brief motivational statements, questions, and sayings. We can also create a combination of wall graphics that display only on parts of the surface rather than the entire space.
  • Wall decals. Decals are reminders that motivate employees to change work habits or stay on track with practices or procedures that work. These decals could champion teamwork or workplace safety.
  • Magnetic boards. Combine decals with magnetic boards that track performance. We can create an acrylic or metal frame for the board, which brands your company and displays your information as well as a header for the presentation. A shift supervisor or manager keeps track of the length of time the workplace has remained accident-free or met its target goals. The decals serve as reminders to keep going.

Ordering Signs that Motivate

Custom lobby signs for real estate firms in Orange County CA

Another look at their lobby sign!

Whether you need sales room wall signs in Orange County, CA, or wall graphics, boards or murals for your company in neighboring L.A. County, we can help. Contact our visual artists to discuss your idea and see them come to live on a design tablet. We work with you to the get look just right. At that time, we also discuss a variety of materials and display options that allow the product to blend in with your existing signage. Contact us today to get started on your project.

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