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Custom Printed Windflags Help Orange County Businesses Get Noticed!

 Jun 05, 2016

The Wings Café at the Fullerton Airport is a longtime client for whom we have designed, manufactured and installed restaurant signs and graphics as well as large vinyl lettering for the exterior. When the management team called us this time, its representative discussed the display of custom printed windflags. In Orange County, CA, these signage products are popular attention getters that announce special deals or new product information.

Durable Windflags Look Great at the Airport

Custom printed windflags for businesses in Orange County CA

Windflags great for advertising!

The café wanted customers to know that the renovations are completed, and the venue is now open for business. A second flag displays the hours of operation. Finally, we designed a flag to highlight the addition of beer and wine to the café’s menu. To ensure the maximum amount of exposure, we created a double-sided layout that we imprinted with a block-out material between the two sides. Doing so ensures that side A’s print does not affect the legibility of side B.

Catching the eyes of customers is easy with a height of 13 feet. We ensured that the café would be properly branded with a logo display at the top. To keep them standing firm even if winds pick up across the airfield, we mounted the flags to carbon fiber frames that we secured in steel swivel stake bases. When the management team now opens the doors for business in the morning, putting out the flags is a great way to greet guests and beckon to prospective customers who may be searching for a place to grab a quick bite before takeoff.

Reel in Foot Traffic with the Right Signage

Windflags for advertising in Orange County CA

Let consumers know you’re open!

No matter what kind of restaurant, store or service establishment you operate, it is imperative that consumers notice you. In many cases, the same signs that identify your location are insufficient to encourage impulse purchases or visits. For this reason, secondary attention getters are an excellent signage option that can make you stand out even more.

  • Windflags. The high-quality material allows for colorful imprints of marketing and branding messages. Bring them out for special occasions or to differentiate yourself from competitors down the street.
  • Inflatables. Another eye-catching signage solution, the inflatable takes on the shape of your product, logo or any niche-specific image. We recommend reserving this product for special events since it quickly results in the attraction of crowds.
  • Banners. The quintessential marketing tool that is quick to put up and durable enough for years to come also gets you plenty of attention. Consumers realize that banners usually identify temporary offers. This understanding increases interest in your message. The typical banner display fits horizontally above our entryway, but vertical products that hang on the sides of your building are another option.
Teardrop printed flags for advertising in Orange County CA

Easy to see and eye-grabbing!

Contact us today to learn more about custom printed windflags in Orange County, CA. We work with you to put together a persuasive message that generates interest and reels in foot traffic. When you would like to pair the flags with other attention-getting signage products, our graphic artists can put together a signage suite that features complementing colors and imprints.

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