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Retail Window Graphics Allow Advertising With Visibility in Orange County, CA!

 Feb 08, 2022

Fusion Hydration is an IV and injection therapy facility at 415 East Avenida Pico in San Clemente. Customers visit the locale for hydration assistance, weight loss, immune boosts, and menopause support. When the facility decided to invest in retail window graphics for advertising and visibility in Orange County, CA, the management team contacted Superior Signs and Graphics to assist with the project.

Perforated Window Graphics Advertise with Chic

Window graphics for advertising and visibility in Orange County CA

After discussing the client’s specifications, our technicians designed the product for vinyl with a 70/30 perforation pattern. This product allows individuals on the inside to see out. However, those on the outside only see the ad. 

For this project, we featured the company’s name and logo, as well as its tagline. These are displayed above the entrance door, where they function as a building sign. On either side of the entrance door, we featured a menu of services that we imprinted against the facility’s beach-themed branding backdrop. The combination of information, color palette, and lettering educates customers, builds brand awareness, and advertises.

Interestingly, the 70/30 pattern allows for better image quality than the standard 50/50 perforation. After adding an optically clear laminate, the product is protected from the destruction by UV rays. Besides that, it makes the graphics easy to clean. 

Creative Ways to Incorporate Perforated Vinyl in Your Advertising Plans

custom window graphics in orange county, ca

If you have glass surfaces, you have everything you need to launch a perforated vinyl advertising campaign. 

  • Inspire creativity. For the business in the arts or software development field, consider highlighting the use of your products for individuals pursuing these careers. A good example is a photographer who uses the latest model equipment for a freelance job. Combine vignettes of different situations to inspire shoppers.
  • Entice shoppers. Feature high-resolution photos of the latest product you are offering. These may be time-sensitive displays with holiday shopping in mind or could relate to launching a new product or model. 
  • Emphasize brand-building. Another good option is to create brand continuity around your locale by making the window an equivalent of a step-and-repeat banner that focuses attention on your corporate logo. In addition to being instrumental for your branding efforts, it also serves as a way to control glare and heat with little more than the specialty vinyl.

Get Noticed with Window Graphics

window graphics you can see through in orange county, ca

In addition to perforated retail window graphics for advertising and visibility in Orange County, CA, clients might also opt for solid vinyl. If you want to have the entire window surface covered, we refer to it as a window wrap. Clients frequently order this type of product when they have no use for a window from the inside. For example, it might be obscured by a shelf. In this case, it makes the most sense to select solid vinyl.

Other options include die-cut vinyl letters, custom graphics cut out of vinyl, or a combination of vinyl and banners. Call our sign shop today to discuss your next advertising campaign, and we can assist you with fitting in the window graphics!

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