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Retail Space “For Lease” Window Graphics Advertise Vacancies in Hacienda Heights!

 Apr 06, 2020

CFT NV Developments, LLC. is the holding company for Panda Express Restaurants. A smart investor in real estate, it owns most of the properties where it has restaurants. Moreover, it owns some of the adjacent properties as well. When the company needed retail space “For Lease” window graphics in Hacienda Heights CA, the management team contacted our sign shop for assistance with the project.

Advertising Vacant Hacienda Heights Retail Spaces with Window Graphics

Retail Space For Lease Window Graphics in Hacienda Heights CA

Our technicians worked with the company’s management team on the design of an ideally suited graphics package for the windows of the vacant space. The firm opted for a bustling street scene that conveys the potential of the location for any would-be tenant. Most importantly, we fabricated the product with high-contrast, bold colors that attract the attention of passersby.

For Lease Anti-Graffiti Window Graphics

In this way, the company succeeds in maximizing the attention its vacancy receives. For the door graphic, we identified the space as being for lease with an introduction of a third color that makes the door stand out even more. There, we also featured the company’s name and contact information that will put prospective renters in touch with the professional handling the vacancy.

Moving Away from Standard “For Lease” Signs

Commercial Space For Lease Window Graphics in Hacienda Heights CA

Have you noticed that more and more Southland companies are moving away from standard “For Lease” signs when advertising retail vacancies? Sure, they sometimes still rely on banners as well as post and panel signs to mark the location of vacancies. That said, many companies now opt for advertising their spaces primarily with window graphics.

Property management companies have noticed that presenting their venues in this way minimizes the time that a location remains empty. Tenants can envision their companies doing business at these locations. Incorporating local street scenes in the design of these window graphics can be tremendously helpful in the process.

Besides that, it helps the would-be tenant to identify the typical consumer demographic that would frequent the area. This, too, communicates that their business could be an excellent fit for a location.

Ordering Retail Space “For Lease” Window Graphics in Hacienda Heights, CA

When you are ready to advertise your vacancies with the colorful graphics products that we can prepare, consider adding an anti-graffiti laminate. This product protects your investment in the signage product. Also, it ensures that your graphics remain looking great for the duration of their displays. After all, there are few things as unattractive as window graphics defaced with spray paint or permanent marker.

By the way, did you know that we could apply this laminate to other signage products as well? Cases in point are “For Lease” or “For Sale” signs that real estate agents favor. By applying an anti-graffiti laminate to the surfaces of these signs, it is possible to maintain the pristine condition of the products. It does not matter if they are post and panel signs, A-frames, or window graphics.

Learn more about your options today. Moreover, connect with our team if you need help with the design of your “For Lease” window graphics. Even if you already have the specs on hand, we can still assist you. Call now!

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