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Retail Delivery Truck Wraps in Los Angeles County that Really Stand Out!

 Aug 25, 2015

The professionals at Superior Signs and Graphics have an established working relationship with American Cooking Equipment. Located at 18515 Hawthorne Boulevard in Torrance, this company specializes in outdoor kitchens, pizza ovens and is “home of the world’s best grills.” Recently, we designed and manufactured high-resolution Gatorboard pictures for the company’s showroom. They depicted their grills, smokers and outdoor kitchen equipment. Now, we were called upon to manufacture and install a box truck wrap.

A Wrap for American Cooking Equipment

Delivery box truck wraps Los Angeles County

Wrap your box truck in Los Angeles County!

Retail delivery box truck wraps for Los Angeles County businesses are excellent mobile marketing innovations. They expertly brand a business, generate name recognition and enhance the company’s presence in a neighborhood. For American Cooking Equipment, we worked with a photography expert who designed the wrap with some input from us. Since the company planned to draw attention to its combination smoker/pizza oven, we worked with the photographer to turn this item into a showpiece.

We printed the graphics on a high-quality premium wrap and added a cast gloss laminate to protect the colors and bring out the nuances. Our technicians prepped the box truck and installed the vinyl graphics sheets. The result is excellent! The sides display high-resolutions photographs that catch the eye while the back advertises the desired equipment with supporting lettering. Not only does the company now use its box truck to advertise the business all across Los Angeles County, but it also parks it near the front of the showroom to advertise its products to motorists and passersby.

Delivery Truck Wraps that Advertise in Los Angeles County

Advertise while you drive!

Delivery Truck Wraps Stand Out in L.A. County

Did you know that Los Angeles County includes 88 incorporated cities? With about 10 million residents, it is one of the most populous areas in Southern California. Doing business here puts you in fierce competition with other companies. Standing out and becoming a household name are your only chances at increasing your market share. This is where truck wraps come in handy.

  • High visibility. To make your name known in all the cities that are parts of the county, mobile advertising offers the greatest promise. Wrapping one or more vehicles provides you with the mobility needed to become visible across the area.
  • Universal appeal. Graphics that appeal to your target demographic work well in all the cities. Displaying them prominently on a vehicle – with the marketing message and contact information – works in your favor and underscores name recognition and brand awareness.
  • Always on. There is never any downtime in the county. Home to numerous bustling cities, being visible around the clock meets an important advertising requirement. Whether you are taking the wrapped truck on the road or parking it prominently visible on the street, your marketing message delivers.
Box Truck Wraps and Graphics Los Angeles County

Put your brand on your box truck!

Commissioning Retail Delivery Truck Wraps in Los Angeles County

Contact our graphic artists today to put together a look that expertly bespeaks your business, products and niche. We work with you on style element placement and wording of your message. Next, we manufacture and install the finished product. We can wrap any size truck, van or other vehicle. If you want us to work with a car, scooter, boat or plane, we can help you there, too. Contact us today to get started.

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