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Buena Park Mall Tenant? See What Signs & Graphics Are Available!

 Aug 23, 2015

Bubble Screen is your answer to busted cell phone or tablet screens. Yet this company does more than replace your cracked front glass. If the volume button is stuck on your Apple device, your Samsung battery is permanently dead or your HTC device needs a front (or back) camera replacement, these folks can do all that – and more. Bubble Screen will open the doors to its Buena Park Mall location shortly and because of the professional relationship with have with the mall’s management team, they came to us for their signage needs.

Foam and Interior Signage for the New Mall Store

Tenant Signs for Buena Park Mall

Start with a fabulous exterior sign!

The company displays its logo with foam letters that show off the blue and gray colors its customers already know from the website. Measuring two inches in thickness, the foam presents with back-painted acrylic faces. Adding on a white vinyl overlay further increases the ease with which customers recognize the logo. Other signage products we designed, manufactured and installed include exterior framed posters and an interior light box cabinet display with translucent graphics.

Buena Park Mall Tenant Signs

Illuminated mall signs for the Buena Park Mall

Add an eye-grabbing illuminated sign!

Our graphic artists have worked with numerous Buena Park Mall tenants to create the visually appealing signage you now see. Since we know what types of signs the professionals in the management office like their tenants to use, we work within the parameters of these guidelines. This ensures a quick approval of your sketches and enhances the speed with which your signage goes up and advertises your business to the shoppers who visit the mall on a daily basis.

What are Your Sign Options?

Framed digitally printed posters for the Buena Park Mall

Add digitally printed posters!

Our business clients understand the need for highly visible exterior signage. Although the mall management does an excellent job of advertising the businesses within the venue, it is up to each individual store owner to ensure that consumers see their locations. This is easy with eye-catching signage designs. Foam letters are a budget-friendly solution for the wall area above your entryway. Clad with metal or acrylic laminates, or digitally imprinted vinyl overlays, you market the presence of your company.

Framed posters offer a bit more information about your products and services. They highlight your niche appeal and easily reel in the foot traffic. The use of an interior light box cabinet is a smart move for any business. It repeats the information you show on the exterior posters but also adds another bit of illumination to the store. Since this is a somewhat unusual use of this type of display medium, it easily gets a lot of attention. Other signage products include cutouts, floor graphics, window decals and menu boards as well as point of purchase signs.

Foam letter tenant signs for Buena Park Mall

Foam letters can be shaped just like your corporate font!

Placing Your Order

Call our professional signage makers to discuss your need for Buena Park Mall tenant signs and graphics. We work with you to design a sign – or multiple products – that perfectly highlight who you are, what your store is all about and why consumers should stop in at your venue right away. We incorporate your artwork as well as the style elements that you have chosen to represent your company. Our experts also work with clients who are re-branding or just starting out in business.

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