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Relocation of Established Italian Restaurant Requires New Signs and Graphics to Announce Its New Huntington Beach Location!

 Aug 21, 2017

Restaurant Relocation Signs and Graphics Orange County CA

Located at 21501 Brookhurst Street, Basilico’s Pasta e Vino used to have a different address. Put the established Italian restaurant was forced out of its former location by steep increases in lease rates. Not to be daunted, the company relocated to an even better setting. As it is preparing to open for business, its management team contacted us to order signs and graphics to announce its new location.

When a Restaurant Requires New Signs and Graphics, Only the Best Will Do

Restaurant Relocation Signs: Coming Soon Signs and Graphics

The windows bear “coming soon” graphics!

We met with our client and took down the order. Because the business needs to establish itself in its new location, the primary emphasis was on exterior signage.

Monument tenant panel. We started with the monument sign. The restaurant shares the marker with two other companies that do business out of the location. Because the owner now takes up two storefronts, the eatery gets a larger portion of the monument. We constructed a facing that we covered with a translucent vinyl overlay. It features the deep black color and white lettering of the brand.

Relocation Signs and Graphics | Monument Sign Tenant Panel Graphics

New graphics for the monument sign!

Sign faces. We took the same approach for the sign faces that we would place over the already present lightbox cabinets. The challenge here was two-fold. For starters, we had to use superior quality ink to prevent a washed out look of the rich black hue. Because illumination from the back can make this happen, our technicians worked hard to select the right coverage. Next, we needed to show that the two side-by-side building signs belonged to the same business. We did so with the help of the color and font combination.

Window graphic. The window graphic takes up one panel and features black and red print on a white backdrop. It encourages online engagement with the brand and alerts hungry guests that the restaurant is getting ready to open its doors soon.

Making a Splash with a New Demographic

Restaurant Relocation Signs | Building Signs

New graphics for the existing lighted signs!

In the case of Basilico’s Pasta e Vino, the company’s loyal customer base is sure to follow it to its new location. But if you are relocating from out of town and do not have a base already built up, you need building signs to generate interest in your company. These markers advertise an incoming business’ name, create brand awareness, and help with the formation of product knowledge among consumers. Add to this the ability to perform wayfinding functions, and it makes sense that building signs are a must-have as soon as you have selected a location for your company.

Building Signage is a Necessity for Incoming Venues

Signs and Graphics When Relocating to Orange County CA

Ask us about relocation signs!

Does your store, office, or restaurant require new signs and graphics? Whether you are relocating or expanding, it is vital that prospective customers at the new address get to know your name and brand right away. Take a page from the playbook of Basilico’s Pasta e Vino, and put in the signage even if you are not ready to open for business for another month or so. We gladly help you figure out which signs would be suitable for your location. Call us today to learn more!

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