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What is Pylon Monument Sign Neutralization and Why Would You Need It?

 Feb 15, 2015

When you manage a shopping center, mall or other venue where you oversee a variety of retail and service establishments that are situated very close to one another, you need to know about sign neutralization. These types of commercial setups usually feature one or more pylon signs that advertise the retailers or service providers on the property. Each location is represented with a sign that features its name and logo. But there are times when a tenant’s lease is not renewed, and the business moves out of the mall or shopping center.

What Is Sign Neutralization?

Pylon Sign Neutralization and Vacant Tenant Replacement Orange County

When tenants leave, you still need your pylon sign to shine!

This is common. It is also a nuisance for your pylon. When Vestar Property Management dealt with a new vacancy recently, the team knew that consumers do not like to enter a shopping center in the hopes of finding a particular retailer – only to then be disappointed. The Shops at Rossmoor are made up of chic popular dining and shopping locations. Customers look to the highly visible pylon when searching for particular establishments. When one of the tenants left, the management team immediately sprang into action and contacted Superior Signs and Graphics.

Sign neutralization for pylon monument signs in Orange County is one of the services that we provide for management companies. To ensure that the pylon would continue to look great, we applied thin aluminum panels over the prior tenant’s illuminated sign. We then painted the aluminum in the color of the pylon. The hue is a perfect match, and you would be hard-pressed to point to the missing signage. While it is true that we could have just placed a banner cover over the now-outdated marker, the management team preferred the more elegant cover.

Vacant Tenant Monument Pylon Sign Updates Orange County

We can easily update your pylon monument sign!

Since we also do sign neutralization for monument signs in Orange County, we can create the same effect – only on a smaller scale. After all, you want your managed property to look as professional, elegant and well-run as possible. While a simple banner cover might do when you know that the vacancy will only last for a few days, anything longer should be treated with aluminum paneling and a well-matched coat of paint. Of course, we handle other signage changes as well.

We Can Help Your Shopping Center or Building Complex!

For example, when you are dealing with a shopping center where the spaces are being reconfigured, it is highly likely that you find yourself in need of a new pylon with added room for the new businesses that will soon call these storefronts their commercial homes. Occasionally, our management clients like the idea of only displaying the largest businesses with large illuminated lightboxes on the pylon. The smaller venues are then represented by a smaller box. This allows them to keep the current pylon and just have us redo the marker spacing. This type of signage refurbishing can save money.

Monument Pylon Sign Repairs Orange County

A fresh, streamlined sign!

When you are ready to commission your very own sign neutralization or refurbishing job, talk to our professionals. We gladly come out and visit your property for a site survey. This allows us to take measurements and provide you with the details of how we can cover up a missing store’s sign.

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