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Office Signs and Graphics for Your Orange County Business

 Jul 14, 2015

Quite frequently, our business clients catch the vision of what signage products can do for their companies. Case in point is Secure One Capital. Loyal readers of our blog remember that we worked with the business to create window graphics for their glass walls as well as a welcoming lobby sign. The grouping of these office signs and graphics in Orange County is quite common since it is the perfect signage product combination for professional venues.

Signage Generates Buy-in from Customers and Employees

Office signs and graphics for Orange County

Inspire Employees and Visitors!

Secure One Financial called us again because they were ready to further enhance their customers’ experiences with their brand via signage. Initially, the management team envisioned the use of acrylic wall signs that could be mounted with the help of brushed aluminum wall offsets. After discussing the company’s plan for the signage design, it quickly became clear that charcoal-colored Gatorboard would be a much more favorable substrate to use. This rigid material is less expensive than acrylic but offers the same rigidity.

Our graphic artists designed three markers that communicate the company’s vision, mission and values. These signs now display at the lobby entrance. We added a large “10 Commandments” graphic to the hallway wall, which also provides a smaller bonus structure wall hanging for the call center room. This signage product provides the customer service representatives with an opportunity to achieve their highest levels of productivity and goal standard adherence. Our business clients were so delighted with the signage setup that they are planning to have us come back and do other office signs and graphics for Orange County’s Secure One Capital.

Harnessing the Power of Office Signs

Office signs to inspire employees in Orange County

Motivate employees!

How does your business harness the power of signage? Whether you are a financial institution, a pediatrician or a retailer, there is a need for graphics and signage products that appeal to the consumer and employee alike. You want those who already do business with you feel good about their decision while you want those who are still considering entering into a business relationship with your company to clearly see the advantages for them. This type of signage also motivates your employees to work hard on behalf of your customers.

There are numerous office signs and graphics for Orange County venues that fulfill this mission. Examples include mission statements, company expansion time lines and future growth plans that outline new markets your business will explore. We work with you to find the signage products that communicate your message in the most favorable way possible. For example, wall graphics are superior for larger growth charts since it allows you to use an entire wall for this display. Why limit yourself to a small framed poster when you have an ambitious long-term plan that spans decades?

Contact our professionals today to discover what types of signs you might still be missing. Our experts gladly visit your location for an inventory of the signage products you already have. We provide you with options that seamlessly fit into your current setup and enhance your clients’ interactions with your business and staff.

Office window and conference room graphics Orange County

Vinyl graphics for office windows and conference rooms!

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