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Premier Chevy Makes Things Easy with Parking and Directional Signs!

 Jul 13, 2015

Loyal readers of our blog already know that the professionals at Superior Signs and Graphics have an established working relationship with Premier Chevrolet of Buena Park. Located at 6195 Auto Center Drive, this dealership combines convenience with fantastic pricing. In the past, we added graphics and lettering to the company’s courtesy shuttle and parts truck. Recently, the business contacted us again.

The Importance of Wayfinding Signs

Auto dealership parking and directional signs Orange County

Guide your clients with parking and directional signs!

The general manager noticed that the dealership was losing business because potential shoppers could not navigate the parking lot and thought that there were no spots left. Our technicians came out and surveyed the space. We designed and manufactured user-friendly parking lot signage that makes navigation of the lot a snap. White print on blue signs outlines specific customer parking areas. Supporting these messages are arrows that point into the direction of the available spaces.

While creating parking and directional signs for auto dealerships in Orange County, we also enhanced the wayfinding for the service and parts department. We created two larger signs that feature arrows pointing to the department’s entrance. Another sign highlights the way to the waiting lounge. We attached the signs to poles and mounted them at a height that would make them easy to read even over the roofs of SUVs and larger trucks. Up next, we will create a wall wrap for the parts department and design smog signs for the service department.

Auto dealer parts and service department signs Orange County

Guide them to your parts & service departments!

Adding Wayfinding Signs for Auto Dealerships in Orange County

When you operate a car dealership in the OC, it is possible to lose business when the parking lot is too confusing for consumers. Remember that feelings of confusion are largely based on perception. The motorist visiting your lot perceives a confusing setup and leaves. This perception is sometimes only based on a sign that is not easily seen from the car.

Our professionals work with you to inventory your lot for signage solutions that help visitors to navigate the property and find the department they are looking for. When you have department-specific parking areas as well as an overflow lot, we work with you to adequately set up a signage display that guides drivers from the entrance to all parts of your property. Doing so prevents confusion, accidents and frustrations. Instead, the right type of signage collection actually improves consumers’ interactions with your company.

Auto dealership parking lot signs Orange County

Your parking lot must be easy to navigate!

Signage Options

Aluminum panel signs are ideal. The material does not rust or warp. It is suitable for installation in the full sun and withstands the elements. Clad with vinyl overlays, we incorporate your logo and company name as well as the information you desire to get across. For a more utilitarian look, we omit the branding and marketing messages and only focus on the wayfinding aspect of the markers. Pole mounts are ideal since the majority of dealership lots already feature numerous light poles.

Auto dealership service lounge signs Orange County

Lead visitors to the customer lounge!

When you want something a bit more individualized, consider the addition of post and panel signs, which allow us to install as many panels as needed. Call us today to get started on your order.

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