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New Sign Faces and LED Lighting for Iconic Key Sign in Anaheim, CA!

 Feb 22, 2022

Paul Kott Realtors is a long-time client of Superior Signs and Services. The firm does business at 1225 West Lincoln Avenue. From there, agents assist residential, commercial, industrial, and investment customers find the listings that are ideally suited for them. When this business needed new sign faces and LED lighting in Anaheim, CA, for its brand-centric display, the management team asked us to come out and take on the project.

An Iconic 2013 Signs Gets a Contemporary Makeover

New Sign Faces and LED Lighting in Anaheim CA

Back in 2013, our shop did a set of channel letters with new sign faces for Paul Kott Realtors. It is part of a pylon installation that is a significant attention-getter for the firm. However, as time went on, the material started aging. So, the client asked us to update the sign’s graphics with a contemporary vibe. 

At our shop, we prepared new sign faces made from Lexan with 3M translucent vinyl overlays. While doing this project, our technicians also converted the sign from fluorescent lighting to LEDs. They last longer, save the client money, and will continue to illuminate the sign perfectly for a long time to come. Now, as prospective customers see the sign, it demands their attention as it perfectly encapsulates Paul Kott Realtors’ brand message.

Updating Existing Signage with New Sign Faces

installation of new sign faces in Orange County CA

In many cases, we can help clients save money with new sign faces and LED lighting in Anaheim CA, rather than replacement signage. If the structure’s framing is still in good shape, there is no reason you should have to pay for a new product. Instead, give our technicians a chance to clean and paint the structure. They can also do minor repairs. 

LED Retrofits for Cabinet Pole Signs in Anaheim CA

The inserts will be new. Lexan is a fantastic product that weathers well and will give you years of excellent service. We recommend adding translucent vinyl overlays because it is the best way of allowing LEDs to showcase your message after dark. And, because LEDs convert energy into illumination rather than heat, these light sources will not burn the backs of the inserts. 

Is Your Sign a Good Candidate for a Refurbishing Project?

LED Retrofits in Orange County CA

  1. Structurally sound. If you have a sign that shows an outdated message, consider upgrading it with paint and new facings. However, the sign itself needs to be in good repair. For structures that look like they might need extensive repair to secure them, we may recommend a replacement instead.
  2. Meets code standards. Older signs, in particular, may not meet current code standards. Because this can be a safety issue and a possible concern for liability, it is always a good idea to make upgrades.
  3. Meets your needs. Of course, one of the most important considerations is whether the sign still meets your brand-building and advertising needs. If the signage is no longer in keeping with your focus, it may be better to retire and replace it.

Talk to our shop first when you require new sign faces and LED lighting in Anaheim, CA. We may be able to save you a considerable amount of money. Call today!

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