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New Efficient LED Lighting for your Lighted Signs in Orange County!

 Apr 24, 2020

Your business sign is a wayfinding tool that doubles as a brand expression. However, is your sign accurately reflecting what your business is all about? Signage that does not light up properly or shows visible signs of wear probably will not. That said, our sign shop has recently begun assisting OC business owners with LED conversions for lighted signs.

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LED Retrofits for Lighted Signs in Orange County CA

LED Retrofits for Illuminated Signs in Orange County CA

You have probably noticed that fluorescent lights cost a bundle to operate. It is not just the electric bill that gives you sticker shock. There are also frequent repairs associated with bulbs and failing wiring. When you choose to invest in an LED conversion of fluorescent-lighted signs, you bypass these problems.

Our team removes the old components that tend to break down so frequently. Technicians remove lamps, sockets, and the old wiring that you probably had repaired so many times already. In their stead, we place the LED power supply and string of LEDs. Because there is no need for sockets, they will not go bad.

Read More About LED Retrofits on Our Cityscoop Blog

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