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New Look for Commercial Property For Lease Signs for Anaheim Property Management Company!

 Jan 30, 2019

Commercial property For Lease signs for Anaheim Property Management Companies

Superior Signs and Graphics has a long work history with Clausen Enterprises. We have designed, manufactured, and installed multiple “For Lease” window graphics, updated pylon faces, and lobby signs for a variety of strip malls that the company manages. When a representative contacted us recently, the expert asked for updated commercial property “For Lease” signs.

A Fresh Look Generates New Interest in Available Properties

Clausen Enterprises asked us to rotate different colors and designs for the four-foot-by-four-foot signs. This step is integral in continuing to catch the attention of passersby. This time, the company asked us to go bigger. Therefore, our team put together six-foot-by-four-foot panels that would replace the smaller products.

Commercial Property For Lease Signs Anaheim CA

V-shaped “For Lease” signs a popular choice!

The white area at the top features the company’s name and website address in the most prominent place. The bottom four-foot section contrasts with a dark blue tone that displays white lettering. They spell out “For Lease” and feature the contact details. The combination of colors, fonts, and size differentiation amplifies the visual aesthetics of the signage. Most importantly, the marker now stands out and attracts attention.

Commercial Real Estate Signs Need to Make an Immediate Impression

They stand out at the corners of strip malls, new construction projects, and similar venues. Not only do they sell prospective tenants on a location, but they must also begin the brand dialog on behalf of the management company. There are various options open to you.

  • Hanging “For Sale” signs. These signs attach to overhangs or other support structures. They create a little movement as the wind picks up. Anything that moves catches the eye.
  • Graffiti-proof signs. Graffiti is a serious problem in some neighborhoods. It defaces your signs and could cover up your contact details. In the past, it would mean having to replace the sign. Now, you can protect your signage investment with an anti-graffiti coating that lets you wipe off the scribbles. Your sign looks as good as new.
  • “For Lease” window lettering. Spell out when a suite is available for interested tenants. Window and door lettering augment the other signage you already have in place.
  • V-Shaped “For Lease” signs. The V shape addresses motorists coming from various directions. The sign ensures that everyone gets to see that there are available spaces at the venue. Most importantly, you get out your company’s name and brand message.
  • Post and panel signs. Two-post setups might feature a double-sided message. They are good options for signs that you place right in front of your location.

Choosing the Right Commercial Property “For Lease” Signs

For Lease Signs for Property Managers in Anaheim CA

We can help with all your commercial property signage needs!

What signs are ideally suited for the property that you advertise? Upscale neighborhoods need slightly different approaches than other areas. That said, frequently the signage messages are identical. Our team can help you decide on the initial design as well as the sizing that meets your needs.

Take a page from the playbook of Clausen Enterprises and go big. Another option is the personalization that you want to feature. A specialized font, an image of your account representative, or maybe a section for riders could be ideal. Contact us today to learn more about your options.

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