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Custom Wall Murals for Buena Park Contractors Add Theme and Branding to Their Offices!

 Jan 23, 2019

Custom Wall Murals for Buena Park Contractors

Noblemen is a contracting firm that needed to outfit a new office. Its management team found our sign shop online and visited us to talk about the design, manufacture, and installation of custom wall murals for Buena Park, CA.

New Décor Identifies an Incoming Contracting Firm’s Vision

After discussing the décor idea with the client, we designed two wall murals for the offices. One features the city skyline looking down. It gives the illusion that you are flying over the skyscrapers and looking toward the ground. The other mural displays the firm’s corporate logo blown up and placed on a brown backdrop. When you now enter the space, it creates a stunning visual impression. Most importantly, it successfully brands Noblemen.

How to Choose Wall Murals for Your Office

Wall murals for offices in Buena Park CA

This amazing murals shows off the city from above!

  • Paint is on its way out. Bland walls do nothing to further your brand message. Most importantly, some painted spaces look dated. Wall murals, on the other hand, boost your branding while presenting the kind of eye candy that can make a visit to your office memorable. What does it take to select the right mural for your space?
  • Purpose. Why do you want to add a mural to a specific office space? Do you want to advertise a particular project or product? Do you want to underscore your industry? Are you thinking of impressing visiting customers with a stunning vista? By the way, you might also ask for a mural to create an optical illusion of additional space.
  • Space. Choose a wall that does not require many cutouts, which could detract from the overall appearance of the image. For example, multiple window cutouts can make an intricate mural lose some of its appeal. Moreover, it is not a bad idea to wrap various walls with a mural.
  • Brand extension. A contracting firm cannot go wrong with the view of a cityscape. Of course, for a retail space or Italian restaurant, you would select something different. Schools do well with the depiction of their colors and mascots. The image has to tie in neatly with your corporate persona.

Work with an Expert in the Field

Wall Graphic Lobby Signs in Buena Park CA

Vinyl lettering great for branding right in your lobby!

Our team routinely creates custom wall murals for Buena Park companies. We assist you with the selection of an image that will not be hanging in your competitor’s office. Most importantly, we offer the pre and post-installation services that you need. For starters, we only use the type of vinyl that will do well in your setting. For example, areas with high moisture content in the air need something different from a wall with full sun exposure.

Next, we ensure that we add a laminate to protect the good looks of the images. Doing so ensures that you can clean off smudges and fingerprints with ease. Similarly, we do a pre-install test to verify that the walls you have chosen are ready for the product. Finally, we clean up everything and leave you with a beautiful mural that enhances the visual aesthetics of the space and lasts for a long time.

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