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New Graphic Panels for Lighted Signs in Orange County!

 Dec 08, 2017

New Graphics Panels for Lighted Signs Orange County CA

Lightbox cabinets are a common sight in and around Orange County. You notice them as building signs on facades. They are also in use as pylon sign components. However, there comes a time when you need to upgrade lighted signs in Orange County. We can help.

Who Needs Replacement Acrylic Panels?

Have you recently moved into a new storefront? Is there some signage still in place? The odds are good that this is typically a box cabinet. Frequently, these products are in excellent shape. To save money, members of the local business community routinely call us to design, manufacture, and install new acrylic panel fronts. While we are in the process of doing so, we can also clean, repair, and repaint the box portion of the sign.

New Pylon Sign Panels and Facings Orange County CA

Give your pylon sign a fresh face!

Your business benefits from displaying an upgraded and updated signage product. But there other times, too, when you might decide to replace the fronts. Case in point is the company that underwent a re-branding. When you feature new colors, a more contemporary font, or a combination of the two, your outdoor signage must follow suit. That said, sometimes clients just want to replace weathered sign fronts that no longer add pizzazz to the business property.

What Goes into the Process?

Do you need help with the design process? Our graphic artists can help with the creation of a logo or the upgrade of one that no longer encapsulates your brand message. If you already have the specs of what you want to use, we help with the manufacturing. We use high-quality acrylic that maintains its integrity.

New Sign Panels for Lighted Monument Signs Orange County

We can easily add new facings to monument signs!

What makes the signage pop is the application of translucent graphics that bolden in the backlit cabinet or pylon sign. Our shop has invested in a new HP latex printer, which allows for the use of a very high ink profile. This practice, in turn, protects the graphics from getting a washed-out look after dark when the lights turn on. You can pinpoint the difference between our acrylic panels and those that the competition put together on an older model printer.

Finally, we handle the installation. Even if you have a tall pylon, our aerial bucket van can reach it without any problem. Because we own our equipment and do everything in-house, you do not have to worry about delays or dealing with subcontractors. You do business with us – from start to finish. If you have any questions along the way, one call gets you the answers.

How to Benefit from New Graphics Panels for Lighted Signs in Orange County

Sign Facings for Pylon Signs Orange County CA

Let your brand wow them with new graphic panels!

Contact our experts to discuss your plans. We visit your location to take a site survey. In the process, we measure the signage that is there and ensure that it still has plenty of life left in it. Next, we put together some sketches that show you what your new product will look like. From there, we put it together and install it at a time that is convenient for you. Once the new acrylic panels are in place, your company benefits from the attention the bold colors and bright illumination get.

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