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Window Graphics That Drive Customer Traffic for Retailers in Orange County!

 Dec 06, 2017

Retail Store Window Graphics Orange County CA

Located at 250 Ogle Street in Costa Mesa, Hi-Time Wine Cellars is an established business that has served its loyal customers for more than six decades. The store hosts wine tastings, classes, and assists with the purchase of just the right wine for any occasion. When the company’s management group teamed up with a graphic designer to create updated window graphics in Orange County, the designer contacted our experts for help.

Window Wraps Usher in the Holidays

Window Graphics for Retail Stores in Orange County

Full size window wraps a great way to advertise products!

We worked with the professional to manufacture the window wrap in plenty of time before the holiday shopping rush would begin. Before we could get started with the installation, we removed existing graphics products and prepared the glass panels. Next, we expertly installed the new wrap setup so that it would meet the client’s requirements. These images offer plenty of eye candy that draws attention from passersby – even those who have passed by the store countless times already.

Which Window Graphics Product is Right for You?

Window Graphics for Retail Stores in Anaheim CA

Invite passersby in with vinyl imagery!

A wrap is designed to use the glass panels as you might a billboard. The colorful coverings make it impossible to glance inside and see what is going on in the store. This is an attractive option for the store owner who has moved shelves and reapportioned the interior’s setup so that it does not necessarily work any longer in harmony with the window placement. A good example is a new room design that now allows a look inside the storeroom from the exterior.

Because these are not the kinds of vistas you want your customers to have, it makes sense to block out the view entirely with a full wrap. Of course, you have options there, too. For example, when you want the light to still come into your store – and if you like the opportunity to see outside – consider perforated vinyl. People on the outside look at the sales message. Those on the inside can see out and enjoy the natural sunlight.

Window Graphics for Retailers in Orange County CA

Vinyl window wraps get noticed!

In contrast, die-cut graphics make use of the glass panels without obstructing the view inside. You frequently see this setup with storefronts where colorful shapes and objects catch the attention of consumers. As they step closer or glance more intently at the windows, they look past the graphics and inside the business where there are products on display or customers shopping. This setup has its merits because it allows you to direct more attention to what is going on inside.

Working with Experts in the Field to Order the Right Window Graphics in Orange County

Retailer Window Graphics Anaheim CA

Ask us about see-through window graphics!

Our technicians are 3M preferred installers. We understand how the material reacts. Moreover, we follow the recommended preparation requirements to the letter. Granted, it might be a little more labor-intensive, but doing so ensures ideal adhesion to the glass. This, in turn, provides you with long-lasting graphics that look great and remain in place as long as you need them to be.

We can see your project through from inception to installation. Of course, we also gladly work with a graphic designer or advertising agency you have chosen to put together your product. Franchisees appreciate that we can work with licensed specs to create the right type of window graphics just as easily as we can work with products the business ships to our shop for installation.

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