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Signs and Graphics for Retailers That Need More Customer Traffic in Westminster, CA!

 Apr 20, 2020

Signs and Graphics for Retailers in Westminster CA

Ria Money Transfer is a repeat client. This firm exemplifies what brand awareness building looks like. Cases in point are the eye-catching storefront and interior graphics we fabricated for the chain’s new stores. Then, there were perforated window graphics. This time, the client requested new signs and graphics for retailers in Westminster.

Overhauling the Brand Presence of Two Prominent Ria Retailers

The client had two locations that needed signage assistance. The first one was Angel’s Video in Westminster. The second location was La Sonrisa in Van Nuys. Because we had done so much work for Ria in the past, we had their specs on file, which saved the client time.

New Sign faces for Lighted Signs in Westminster CA

Each location had some challenges. Angel’s Video had an existing building sign that would not light up. Our team rectified the situation with an LED retrofit that ensured the lights would turn on when the retailer needed them to. Besides this marker, we also fabricated a square, non-illuminated building sign.

Banner Cover for Damaged Sign in Westminster CA

Aluminum wall signs for Buildings in Westminster CA

Next, we focused our attention on the addition of a banner over a badly damaged multi-tenant marker. This presentation immediately directs the consumer’s attention to the fresh, vibrant brand colors of the Ria brand. The combination of these signage products now serves to make Angel’s Video stand out among nearby businesses.

LED Retrofits in Westminster CA

For La Sonrisa, our team fabricated a building sign as well as two pylon sign faces. Moreover, this retailer also needed perforated window graphics that would present the Ria name and logo display. The pylon sign panels alert shoppers that they can access Ria’s platform at this venue. Moreover, the new face of the building sign exemplifies the power of co-branding.

Freshening the Face of a Storefront with Signs and Graphics for Retailers in Westminster, CA

New Pylon Sign Panels in Westminster CA

The changes to the stores’ exteriors are nothing short of dramatic. They went from being attractive storefronts to having the kind of visual appeal that draws in customers. Besides that, it underscores the power for co-branding efforts through the combination of names, fonts, and colors. In the consumer’s mind, the names Angel’s Video and La Sonrisa are now firmly tied to the power of the Ria Money Transfer brand.

Perforated Window Graphics in Westminster CA

This step adds to the commercial power of the sites. What could a freshening up of your storefront’s presentation accomplish? We frequently work with retailers who are co-branding as a way of attracting new customers. Also, these pros know that featuring popular brands is a surefire way of generating or supporting brand knowledge.

Ordering Your Signage Upgrades Today

Storefront Window Graphics in Westminster CA

When you update or upgrade your storefront signage, it is all about generating more customer traffic. Are there Westminster consumers who still do not know what you stand for? We recommend a signage overhaul that puts your name at the forefront of shoppers’ minds.

Possible upgrades include new faces for lighted signs, new pylon sign panels, roof-mounted signs, storefront window graphics, and aluminum wall signs. By the way, if you are having trouble with lightbox cabinets, now is an excellent time for an LED retrofitting as well. Connect with our sign shop today to find out how to start the process!

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