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Amazing Monument Sign Repair for Rubidoux Village in Jurupa Valley CA

 Nov 06, 2014
Monument sign repairs Riverside County CA

We can help with monument repairs and add new lettering!

Rubidoux used to be a small farm town. Due to a favorable housing market and stunning vistas, it is now becoming a commuter town for those working in and around Riverside. Located in the Jurupa Valley in Riverside County, Superior Signs and Graphics recently received a call from PV Maintenance, which works in the area and handles a wide variety of maintenance-related jobs for Jurupa Valley. It seems that vandals had stolen most of the metal letters that were attached to their monument signs right on Mission Avenue, which is the major thoroughfare.

Monument sign maintenance and repair Riverside County CA

A sign in much need of repair…

Monument Sign Updates Are Easily Accomplished

Since we handle monument sign repair, Riverside County, CA, officials knew that this town would be in good hands with our professionals. The site features actually two monument signs that present with three faces each. Some studded metal letters were still evident. The majority of them were stolen. During our consultation with the customer, we suggested that it may be better to choose half-inch thick painted PVC as opposed to metal. PVC does not have a resale value at the scrap yards, which is why the metal lettering may have been stripped off.

In addition, we suggested updating the fonts just a bit for a more modern appearance. With the customer’s approval, we manufactured PVC lettering with straight lines of text. Prepping the monuments involved the removal of the few remaining letters and patching up the stud holes. PV Maintenance called in a contractor who handled the painting of the structures. Once the paint had cured, we installed the PVC letters with VHB tape and a silicone adhesive. The finished product is modern, attractive, fits the charm of the surrounding area but holds no attraction for letter thieves whatsoever.

Monument sign lettering Riverside County CA

…was rejuvenated with new lettering added and now shines once more!

Do You Need Monument Signage Repair?

What about your city? Are you missing monument sign letters? Riverside County, CA, is not the only area that is hit hard by vandals who remove easily accessible signage components for the value of the raw materials. But once they touch the PVC, they know that there is nothing worthwhile their time and the risk of being caught. Even as these letters look great, they are not made from the types of materials that bring in a bit of black market cash.

If PVC is not exactly what you had in mind, we can also devise different letters that perfectly suit your venue and its atmosphere. For example, outdoor-rated foam is durable, inexpensive and can be painted in a wide variety of colors. Adding metallic paint and a clear coat will give the foam the appearance of being made from brass, aluminum or another type of metal. But again, there is nothing there that would appeal to thieves. Since foam is very lightweight, it will not require holes that could mar your substrate.

Refurish monument signs Orange County

Ask us about sign maintenance and repairs!

In recent years, we have also worked on signs that were a bit outside of the mainstream. Some customers have chosen to ask us for a mural instead of individual letters. Others like the idea of treated wood, masonry or even colored glass. We gladly work with whatever material you desire. Just call our friendly professionals for more information and to get your order started.

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