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Vaco Professional Services Spruces Up New Office with Lobby Sign in Irvine CA!

 Nov 04, 2014
Brushed metal lobby signs Orange County

Brushed metal offers a sleek and professional look!

Located at 19800 MacArthur Boulevard in Irvine, Vaco is in the business of matching topnotch IT, accounting, financial and administrative experts and professionals with clients who are in need of this type of expertise. Some clients need to fill an opening in their companies. Others need assistance with a special project. Being a part of a 29-office network that spans the nation, Vaco has the power to leverage nationwide resources and expertise. But when it came time to commission one of the lobby signs Irving, CA, business owners need to market and brand, the management team contacted Superior Signs and Graphics.

A Lobby Sign Comes to Life

We visited the company’s office for a site evaluation. It is spacious and new. Vaco’s team told us that they were looking for a classy appearance that would set the tone for the office. The targeted installation locale was the wall behind the receptionist’s desk. After taking a closer look, we noticed that the wall had textured charcoal-gray wallpaper. This was all we needed to see to create some excellent proofs. Upon approval, we installed brushed metal facings on black GatorFoam. The marker beautifully contrasts the wall’s color but nevertheless works well with its overall matte appearance. Vaco’s management team was excited about the great look that this lobby sign brings to their reception area.

Professional service company lobby signs Orange County

Metal lobby signs great for professional service companies!

What does your company need? Do you need one of our professional services lobby signs? Orange County service providers recognize that just getting customers to walk through the door is only half the battle. Getting them to commit to the product or service is the other half. An excellent lobby sign can make a huge difference in the expectations the client has and the openness for discussions they bring to the table when finally sitting down with a representative of the business. How can a simple marker accomplish all this?

Material Selection

Brushed metal worked well for Vaco. Would it look just as chic and classy in your lobby? Maybe your front office would do better with an acrylic sign, a layered marker or a combination of different style elements on an acrylic board. If you operate a spa, you may prefer to combine wood with other material selections. To discuss your options in detail, we like to do a site evaluation to learn about your company and also give you ideas that might be off the beaten path but could be perfectly suited to your unique setup.

Custom lobby signs Orange County

The right lighting accents a lobby sign!


Finding the right size for the sign can be tricky. You want it to be large enough to make an impact but not so big that it dominates the space and dwarfs everything else. Measuring is part of our site visit, which ensures that you get the ideal size for your space.

Mounting Options

We can mount individual letters directly to the wall. It looks great and makes the marker seem to organically connect to the substrate. Offsets are good options for heavier signs. They also allow for dramatic displays of lights and shadows. When you desire a three-dimensional appearance, this is a great mount setup to choose.

When you talk to our expert professionals, do not neglect to ask about the unusual lobby signs that are now gaining in popularity. Examples include decals and wall murals. No matter what type of sign you choose, call us today!

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