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Celebration Park Adds Metal Lettering to Monument Sign in Anaheim Hills

 Aug 28, 2014
Add aluminum lettering to monument signs Orange County

The fabrication process!

What can you do with monument signs? Well, if you take a page from the playbook of one of our customers, you erect one by the park that you construct on your property. Between a grassy area and a covered loggia, this type of marker offsets the park from the rest of the garden and other property features. While she had the marker constructed by her general contractor, she contacted Superior Signs and Graphics to do the monument sign’s lettering. Orange County contractors frequently erect concrete and stucco markers but then leave them blank for the property owner to decorate.

This is a common practice, and we gladly work with the dimensions as well as the color scheme of the marker that your contractor has put together for you. In this particular case, the brick and stone work had beautiful earth tones that wanted to highlight. We manufactured ½” thick aluminum lettering in a playful Henny Penny font. The color we chose is a duranotic bronze tone to contrast with the tiles to which the lettering is mounted but to also complement the darker tones at the top of the marker.

Need letters for monument sign in Orange County

The font in these aluminum letters was perfect!

Do you need letters for monument signs in Orange County? Do you need to have a monument sign constructed from the ground up? In both cases, our friendly technicians can help.

Identify multi-tenant properties

When you set up your company in a shopping center or strip mall, you are rubbing elbows with other businesses. Frequently recessed from the street, the monument sign plays the vital role of a wayfinding tool and offers marketing opportunity. We individualize the look of the various business listings so that updates due to re-branding or change of ownership are easy to make.

Varied material choices

Whether you are looking for stucco, concrete or foam, we can accommodate your taste and budget. Foam is the most budget-friendly and also versatile material to work with. It can be shaped and painted to look like bricks, wood or even stucco. Since it is rated to outdoor use, it is durable and looks great. Concrete and stucco are the most durable but also the most expensive to build. By the way, did you know that we now also offer metal monument markers?

Lit or unlit?

Illumination is a good idea when your venue is open after dusk. While some customers decide to use landscape lighting to illuminate their markers, others want the light source to be built into the marker itself. This is usually the case for businesses that stay open after dark or those that include multiple tenants listing in a directory style design.

Aluminum letters for monument signs in Orange County

Ask us about lettering for your monument signs!

Vandal proof

If you do business in an area where there are some taggers at work doing nightly graffiti, you do not want a sign that you have to constantly repaint. This is where armored foam comes in handy. The sign looks a lot like hardscape but does not cost nearly as much to put together. By adding a special coating, the graffiti wipes off easily with a suitable cleaner.

Whether you need letters or a monument sign with lettering, call our signage specialists today!

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