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Monument Sign Refacing for Cerritos Logistics Company’s New Location!

 Jun 11, 2018

Located at 15905 Commerce Way, Bergen Logistics is an order fulfillment provider. It leverages its automation technology and database strategies to their fullest advantages. When the firm moved into its new location, it needed help with a monument sign refacing project.

Impressing Passersby with a Focused Brand Presentation

Monument Sign Refacing Cerritos CA

New lettering refreshes this monument sign!

The monument sign is one of the first markers passersby and customers see. It has to be spot on. The setup at the company’s new location still featured the prior tenant’s information. Our team went out and uninstalled the old lettering. While there, we cleaned the substrate and made any repairs that it needed.

Next, we painted the sign in a bright white tone. Our technicians router-cut black aluminum composite into the shape of letters. They are one-eighth-of-an-inch thick, which makes them ideally suited for a monument sign. For the orange portion of the logo presentation, we used vinyl overlays. White cut lettering presents the tagline. Now, the sign impresses with its proper branding.

Monument Sign Upgrades are the Budget-Friendly Option

Lettering for Monument Signs in Cerritos CA

A look at the sign before the new lettering (the old tenant)!

Many business owners believe that moving into a new venue means replacing all signage that is left by prior tenants. This is typically not the case. In fact, it is frequently possible to save quite a bit of money by refacing existing signage.

  • Repainting substrates. If the sign itself is in good shape, there is no reason why you should have to tear it down. We always check for safety and useful life left. If the structure is sound, we can clean, spot-fix, and repaint it in your desired color.
  • Lettering replacement. We take off the old letters and style elements. Now, you have a blank canvas. Our technicians can populate it with metal, acrylic, vinyl, or other types of letters and symbol components.
  • Facing changes. Some monument signs incorporate box cabinets. If this applies to your location, consider a replacement of the facing. A new polycarbonate sheet with an updated vinyl overlay features your corporate persona while leaving the rest of the sign intact.

You can apply this tactic to other signs, too. Examples include parking lot signage, markers in common areas, and some ADA-compliant interior products. We gladly help you find ways to save money while introducing your branding to all signage components.

How to Start Your Monument Sign Refacing Project in Cerritos, CA

New Lettering for Old Monument Signs Cerritos CA

A great new look at an affordable price!

Whether you already have a plan of action in mind or still need to find a way to wrap your head around it, we can help. We can visit your location for a walk-through, which allows us to give you suggestions. Another option is to consult with our graphic artist. This expert can help you design a signage suite that features your corporate details and creates a congruent presentation throughout the space.

Once you decide on a course of action, our technicians do the work. We handle the project from inception to final post-installation cleanup. Moreover, we can also assist with regularly scheduled sign maintenance.

Whether you have the specs on hand or need something that is designed from the ground up, discuss your plans with our experts. Contact us today to get started!

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