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Mobile Detailing Business Advertises with Partial Van Wrap in Buena Park, CA!

 Jul 12, 2023

Nic Wood Racing is our neighbor. Previously, we did a vinyl wrap for one of his utility trailers. The trailer is a mobile workshop for the business. Recently, Nic expanded and bought a van set up as a mobile detailing vehicle named Jules Wash Wagon. He hired a technician to run the business but needed a partial van wrap in Buena Park, CA, before putting the vehicle on the road. We were happy to help.

Commercial Van Wrap and Graphics Advertise in the Neighborhood

What sets this business apart from other car detailing services is the option of paint correction. As a result, it was imperative to underscore this differentiation. Our team designed the partial wrap to mention the company’s services prominently. We also ensured that contact information – via social media – was in place.

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