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Vinyl Wrap for Utility Trailer Advertises at Race Events in Buena Park, CA!

 Apr 25, 2022

Located across the street from us at 5870 Dale Street, Nic Woods Racing started in business the same year our sign shop did. Nic has an older cargo trailer that he uses as his mobile mechanic’s workshop. It has blank walls that make it impossible for anyone to tell what type of business uses it. Nic uses the trailer because it makes it possible for him to do engine work and repairs on-site at drag races. He came over to talk to us about custom-designing a vinyl wrap for the utility trailer in Buena Park, CA.

Utility Trailer Before Wrap in Buena Park CA

Transforming a Trailer into a Unique Advertisement That Gets Recognized

Utility Trailer Wraps in Buena Park CA

Nic planned to have the trailer’s look help him advertise when he is traveling to races or setting up shop at race events. He is allowed to use the original logo of his grandfather, Clay Smith. The name Clay Smith Cams was famous in the 1970s and would be an integral element in Nic’s advertising.

Designing, Producing, and Installing the Utility Trailer Wrap

Trailer Wraps in Orange County CA

The color palette consists of white, red, and yellow elements against a black background. We incorporated elements pointing to Clay Smith Cams, which allow insiders to make an immediate connection. Besides that, we made the vehicle wrap’s logo stand out with a thin white border around the image’s shape. 

Enclosed Trailer Vinyl Graphics in Buena Park CA

The lettering advertises the products and services that make Nic Woods Racing stand out in the business. Moreover, the client opted to add a website address for the contact information, encouraging the would-be customer to learn even more about the company before making a call or sending an email. 

Custom Trailer Wrap Designs in Buena Park CA

You notice how our technicians sized the style elements to fit perfectly over the doors and trailer features when you look closely. It ensures an uninterrupted look even though our technicians accommodated all the necessary cutouts. We were able to achieve this display by adjusting the custom-designed enclosed trailer wrap elements. Check out the trailer’s front that typically faces the tow vehicle unless it is parked alone. In addition to the logo, we added a tagline and gradient color change.

Can We Help You Explore the Design of a Vinyl Wrap for a Utility Trailer in Orange County, CA?

Buena Park CA Vehicle Wraps

Custom utility trailer wraps are excellent tools for advertising a company, its products, or services. As was the case for this client, adding a famous logo is a fantastic way to generate immediate goodwill among prospective customers who recognize the graphic and associate it with a business they like or remember. 

Cargo Trailer Wraps and Graphics in Buena Park CA

Do you already have an idea for a color palette that makes enclosed trailer vinyl graphics pop? Are you still looking for ideas to make your custom trailer wrap designs the perfect advertising or brand-building tool? Our graphic artist routinely works with clients who have bits and pieces of an excellent advertising campaign that simply need to be connected in a cohesive way for an eye-grabbing product.

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