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Custom 3D Lobby Logo Signs Brand Offices and Welcome Visitors in Los Angeles, CA!

 May 13, 2024

Last year, our team worked with Speech, Language, and Educational Associates (SLEA Therapies) on Ventura Boulevard to install 3D lobby signs in Los Angeles. At the time, we did three signage solutions. The client liked the product so much that they invited us to do signage for the Culver City location as well.

Dimensional lobby log signs in los angeles

Custom Acrylic Lobby Signs for the Main Lobby and Near the Treatments Rooms

Our technicians followed the specs we had kept on file. We used half-inch-thick acrylic and painted it in the client’s custom colors. We then stud-mounted the sign’s elements to the walls. The larger sign displays in the lobby, while the smaller one is installed near the treatment rooms. Look closely, and you will notice that the logo portion installs as a puzzle fit, giving the illusion that it is crafted from one piece of acrylic.

 Lobby signs in los angeles

Artistry is Part of Dimensional Lobby Logo Sign Design, Production, and Installation

Many lobby signs follow a straightforward design. Our technicians have an excellent track record of putting together these products and installing them at our clients’ locations. However, some clients have approached us with an extraordinary sign setup. 

A great example is the 3D wall logo sign we did for Lifestyle financial. This client had an intricate logo displaying a tree. We achieved the brand-centric look using acrylic and a vinyl overlay. The finished sign looks fantastic, perfectly brands the business, and brings the brand story into the reception area.

Current Energy also needed a lobby logo sign. However, this client incorporated a gradient color change into its logo design. To accommodate this presentation, we crafted the sign’s individual style elements using PVC. Next, we painted the letters. For the logo’s gradient color change, we printed it on vinyl that we then applied to the base material. You cannot achieve this type of display just with paint.

When NTERSOL asked us to develop a 3D brushed aluminum face lobby sign, it also wanted us to incorporate custom color accents. Our technicians began the project by cutting out the letters from an acrylic sheet. Next, we cut out thin, brushed metal facings. Some of the letters received a custom color treatment. This combination of elements looks stylish and easily brands the company.

custom acrylic lobby signs in los angeles

We Specialize in Intricate 3D Lobby Signs in Los Angeles County, the OC, and Other Areas

Which signage setup have you always wanted to introduce into your reception area? Whether you prefer three-dimensional letters, a lobby logo board, or a combination of the two, we can help. Our graphic artist will gladly collaborate with you to translate even the most intricate logos into a lobby display. We adapt our manufacturing techniques and installation steps to accommodate any brand story.

Call us today to learn more about your options and get the design process started!

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