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Custom Designed Wall Wraps & Graphics for Schools and Universities in Orange County, CA!

 Jul 10, 2023

Our team frequently does wall wraps and graphics for schools and universities. Most of the time, they benefit the athletics departments. Our newest project took us to Riverside City College, a returning client. Previously, we assisted with branding the school’s athletics stadium using eye-catching mesh banners. Now, we worked on hallway wraps for the area leading to the gym.

College Wall wraps and graphics in Orange County, ca

Using Photos of Student-Athletes for College Wall Wraps and Graphics

The client determined to use photos of basketball and volleyball players for this project. We welcomed the opportunity to work with high-resolution images. For maximum visual interest, we overlaid some photos to create eye-catching vignettes of the athletes in mid-play. Moreover, we added the student-athletes’ names, which further customizes the college wall wraps. Our graphic artist selected the school’s colors, further branding the venue. 

college athletics wall wraps in orange county, ca

Building a Business with Brand Messages on the Walls

Brand-building with wall graphics and wraps effectively creates a strong presence and leaves a lasting impression on visitors to a location. Consider these steps to incorporate branding on your walls.

  • Brand messages. Clearly define your brand’s values, mission, and target audience. It creates a cohesive brand identity that resonates with your customers. For schools and colleges, the athletics department is the most popular site for this branding effort.
  • Visual identity. Create a visual identity for your brand, including your logo, color palette, typography, and any other graphic elements that represent your business. High schools and colleges prefer the use of photos that depict actual student-athletes. Adding the color palette and the mascot are highly effective.
  • Strategic locations. For schools, strategic areas within the premises, where branding on the walls will have the most impact, is a department location. High-traffic areas include entranceways, hallways, waiting areas, and counters of athletics departments. However, we have also worked with walls in music departments and school libraries.
  • Support functionality. While it is essential to focus on branding, remember the functionality of the space as well. The wall graphics we design do not interfere with the practical use of the area or obstruct important information. On the contrary, they underscore the use of the treated spaces and encourage students to work toward excellence. 

custom wall graphics for colleges and universities in orange county, ca

Students Enjoy the Athlete-Centered Displays

We pay attention to customer feedback and reactions to wall branding. They have proven to be effective and well-received. Combining student photos with department messages works! Let us show you how custom wall wraps and graphics for schools and universities could transform your space. Call us today to get a quote!

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