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Mission Statement and Values are Prominently Displayed for All to See and Live by at Oncology Institute in Cerritos, CA!

 Jan 08, 2024

Our new client was not happy with the services and products received by their sign company. The office manager checked out other sign shops online and found us. Next, they invited our team to visit the offices of The Oncology Institute of Hope and Innovation at 18000 Studebaker Road to discuss a new project. The client needed displays of a mission statement and values in Cerritos, CA.

company values acrylic wall panels in cerritos, ca

Company Mission Statement Acrylic Wall Panels

The BBC had taken an interest in this clinic and its work. The client needed 25 frosted acrylic panels depicting company values. Because they were expecting a visit from the news organization, the project had a rapid turnaround need. 

We received the client’s specs and immediately went to work. Our technicians manufactured the acrylic panels and added die-cut graphics. When the products were ready, we installed them with standoffs. The client loved the new signage, and we will be preparing products for additional locations as well as the corporate headquarters. 

company mission statement acrylic wall panels in cerritos, ca

Businesses Display Company Vision Statement Wall Panels

Over the years, our team has done plenty of mission, value, and vision statements for corporate display. Examples include wall wraps for Amazon, acrylic mission statements for Clausen Enterprises, and three-dimensional lobby lettering for Inspire. Each company’s statement display is as unique as the business that put it together. Therefore, our team fully customizes these products with your unique color palette and font style.

company vision statement wall panels in cerritos, ca

What Makes Mission and Vision Statements so Popular?

Your mission and value statements articulate the company’s fundamental purpose and core beliefs. Displaying them in your offices communicates this information to employees, customers, and visitors, which reinforces your corporate identity and objectives. Besides that, having mission and value statements visible in the workplace serves as a constant reminder of your overarching goals. It helps align employees’ objectives with your broader mission, fostering unity and purpose.

company values wall hangings in cerritos, ca

Make Workplace Cultural Reinforcement Work for Your Business

Mission and value statements embody company culture. By prominently displaying these statements, you visually reinforce cultural values, promoting a shared set of beliefs and behaviors among employees. Doing so motivates employees and reminds them of their work’s impact and contribution toward achieving larger goals. Concurrently, it builds trust with customers. Most importantly, mission and value statements set a business apart from its competitors. 

You have seen the mission statement and values in Cerritos, CA, which we did for this client. How could these types of products communicate, reinforce, and integrate your core principles into your company’s daily operations, culture, and external relationships? Find out! Call us today.

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