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3D Lobby Lettering for Los Angeles Renewable Energy Company Communicates Its Mission

 Nov 14, 2018

3D Lettering for Lobbies in Los Angeles

Inspire serves as a clean energy supplier. The goal is the creation of a demand for wind energy that gradually phases out less environmentally friendly options. It offers customers a flat rate that takes the guesswork out of the monthly bills with their ups and downs. As the firm is outfitting its offices, it contacted our sign shop to order 3D lobby lettering.

Creating a Strong Brand Presence with Three-Dimensional Letters in the Lobby

In addition to other reception area signage, the business wanted prospective customers and vendors to understand the breadth of its mission. Spelling it out prominently on a focal wall is an essential method for meeting this goal.

3D Lobby Lettering Los Angeles CA

3D Lettering great for mission statements!

We used one-inch-thick acrylic that we painted white. Our technicians used studs to hold the weight of the style elements when mounting them. You will notice that these white letters display against a light-colored backdrop. This setup is intentional. It adds subtlety to the presentation, which allows the mission statement to infuse the atmosphere of the venue.

Using Colors and Shapes in Your Lobby

Take a page from the playbook of Inspire, and choose a subtle approach for your brand message presentation. That said, you have other options, too.

  • Matching or contrast colors. Select a color that perfectly matches the backdrop tone. It allows your message to blend in seamlessly. If you prefer an eye-catching display, we recommend the use of high-contrast colors. Examples include red and black, orange and blue, as well as similar combinations.
  • 3D or flat presentations. Three-dimensional style elements always stand out. Metal, acrylic, and PVC allow for one-inch-thick setups. For something more dramatic, we recommend the use of sign foam. It provides for presentations of up to three inches in thickness.
  • Supporting products. The majority of clients opt to have their style products mounted directly to the wall. However, you could also choose an acrylic panel backdrop that makes the message movable. Another choice is the use of a wall graphic or wrap as a backdrop. Doing so can create a stunning brand message.

What Should Your Message Say?

Three dimensional lettering for lobbies

A must-have for corporate lobbies!

Lobby letters traditionally refer to the reception area sign that features your corporate persona. That said, you do not have to limit yourself. The display of a motto or mission statement is a powerful way of promoting your company’s values. Doing so creates the common ground you want to develop between prospective customers and your brand.

Another choice is the selection of quotes from your company’s founder or CEO. Highlight what matters to your firm. It shows how your selection of products or services ties into the mission and goal. Consumers believe that they get to know more about you. It makes their interactions with your brand more meaningful.

Ordering 3D lobby lettering is quick and easy. You work with our graphic artist to put together a presentation that encapsulates your message. We help with the sizing and the material selection. Most importantly, we offer advice on color options and presentation styles. Contact us today to get started!

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