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Custom Designed and Compliant ADA Signs in Orange County, CA!

 Jan 05, 2024

Displaying compliant ADA signs in Orange County, CA, businesses protects you from lawsuits, fines, and complaints. Yet no other signage product is as misunderstood as these products. For starters, ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) regulations are federal standards that apply across the United States. Besides that, there are California standards. California-compliant signs focus on everything from parking to installation rules. Our team is uniquely qualified to design, fabricate, and install custom ADA signs.

compliant ADA signs in orange county, ca

Meeting Sign Requirements with the Help of Late-Model Manufacturing Technology

Earlier, we discussed our investment in a laser cutter and its contribution to making excellent three-dimensional letters. Did you know that this technology also plays a huge role in the fabrication of ADA-compliant signs? Designed to ensure accessibility for individuals with disabilities, these signs have to meet highly specified guidelines.

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