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Mesh Fence Banners by Superior Signs and Graphics Brand Compton College Stadium!

 Jun 14, 2021

Compton College welcomes students at 1111 East Artesia Boulevard. When the home of the Compton Tartars needed a visual upgrade, the administration connected with our shop to design, produce, and install mesh fence banners for college stadiums.

Here is What We Did with Over 16k Square Feet of Printed Mesh Banner

Mesh fence banners for college stadiums in LA County

The Athletic Director had a vision for the campus. The administration supported it and asked our shop to put together graphics that would brand the stadium area, as well as the path spectators, take to walk from the parking lot to the stadium. The goal was a complete change of visual aesthetics in this location.

college athletics banners in orange county ca

We worked with the school’s custom color palette and brand information. Next, we sized the graphics to suit the 16k square feet of printable banner mesh. Because the products had to fit the fencing perfectly, we made adjustments. For example, in front of the stands, the height is 67”. However, on the outside of the track, the sizing had to be 91”.

custom designed mesh fence banners in buena park ca

The fence-mounted mesh banners give the stadium an entirely new look. The colors pop, which makes the school’s name stand out. Moreover, the school colors and mention of the team naturally support school pride. The administration is now looking forward to welcoming the students back next semester.

What Are Mesh Banners?

mesh fence banner wraps for school athletics in orange county ca

Most of our clients are already familiar with the vinyl banners you might use for a grand opening celebration or seasonal sale. However, mesh banners are manufactured differently. For starters, they are made of sturdy vinyl with small holes. These holes let the wind pass through. It makes them an excellent product for any outdoor advertising. We recommend the use of abrasion-resistant ink for added durability.

Who Uses Mesh Banners?

fence banners for school athletics in los angeles ca

In addition to school administrators, municipalities, retailers, and construction firms, the technology appeals to anyone who plans for a lengthy display. The mesh allows wind to go right through the banner, which reduces the risk of tears. Also, consider that the material’s lighter weight puts far less stress on the mounting points.

stadium banners and graphics in los angeles ca

In the past, you have undoubtedly seen vinyl banners with cut-out wind slits. The mesh makes this practice unnecessary. In addition, because it does not consist of solid vinyl, it rolls up easily for storage and unrolls without wrinkles. These qualities create an appeal for companies using banner advertisements in high-wind areas or for installation along large portions of a façade.

Looking for Mesh Fence Banners for College Stadiums?

mesh fence banner wraps in anaheim ca

Our technicians work with your team on the design of the product. Expect photo-realistic depictions of your selected graphics and lettering. Frequently, we work with clients who like their banners to be slightly larger, which is easy to accommodate with mesh. Most importantly, there are customization options.

For example, would you prefer a semi-gloss or matte finish for the product? Similarly, do you like metal grommets or pole pockets for mounting the finished banner? If you are unsure which setup would be ideally suited for your location, invite us to come over for a site survey. Call us today to schedule the appointment!

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