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Marti’s Bar Goes For A “Cheers” Look With Vinyl Wraps!

 Nov 24, 2014

Have you ever dreamed of turning your bar into something great that is as memorable as it is steeped in familiar traditions? One of our customers has discovered that you do not have to own a commercial venture to still make your backyard bar feel like one. This backyard haven features a covered patio, beams and the must-have bar counter. When it came time to add some vinyl wraps for Orange County bars, Marti called Superior Signs and Graphics.

Vinyl bar wraps Orange County

Vinyl bar wraps available for residential and commercial establishments!

Vinyl Wraps Can Cover Just About Anything!

During our consultation, we discovered that he adores the “Cheers” theme and envisions his backyard bar to become something like that neighborhood watering hole for friends and family. We used commercial-grade wraps that offer some tongue-in-cheek jokes but also feature the show’s tagline that has made it so popular with television audiences. Now Marti has a bar where “everyone knows your name” and likes to hang out with you.

In addition to doing these types of jobs for home owners, we also do commercial vinyl bar wraps. Orange County restaurants, bars and nightclubs routinely call us for adding these wraps to their establishments. Do you ever wonder why these types of businesses prefer the vinyl wrap solution to a paintjob and other wall décor?

Cleanup Is Easy

Some types of alcohol can cause damage to certain types of paint. Depending on the nature of the paint, cleaning up spills and sticky messes is not as easy as it sounds. With vinyl wraps or even decals, you do not have this problem. They easily clean up with a moist rag and some cleaning solution. Your bar’s counter keeps looking great.

Commercial vinyl bar wraps Orange County

Vinyl bar wraps easy to maintain!

Easy to Fix

If a paint job gets damaged, it may call for a large repainting of the surface so that the color will match. This is not true for vinyl. Treated to prevent any fading of the colors, any damage to the vinyl is easy to fix simply by adding a new section. By the way, doing so is quick and can be done before opening time. There are no drying or curing periods and no unattractive smells that come from paint fumes.

Easy to Change

If you are joining the innovative bars of Orange County that are working with a constantly changing look to attract new guests by displaying attractive seasonal looks, vinyl wraps are your best bet. They are easy to install and just as easy to remove. Since we can keep your graphics on file, we can print new vinyl quickly and leave all of your corporate artwork in the right places. This cuts down on your downtime and allows us to finish the orders quickly. Some venues have succeeded at changing their looks – quite literally – overnight. This has created a great buzz among patrons and of course benefited the establishments tremendously.

We hope that we were able to give you a vision for what bar wraps could do for your personal backyard oasis as well as for commercial establishments that have made the bar an integral part of their business models. Talk to our friendly wrap specialists for more information on the process of having your wraps printed and also to get started on your order.

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