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Low Cost Vehicle Graphics Make an Impact for Small Businesses in Orange County

 Jul 17, 2016

Plasma Craft Art is a Southern California original. This small La Mirada business specializes in making metal art and signs with a blowtorch as a primary tool. When the company’s owner decided to invest in a CNC router to upgrade output and performance, he decided that it was time to enlist the help of mobile advertising to gain new customers. Driving a Ranger XLT in a black color, the client met with us to have us take measurements and talk about the design.

Designing, Manufacturing, and Installing Low Cost Vehicle Graphics for Small Businesses in Orange County, CA

Low Cost Vehicle Graphics for Small Businesses in Orange County CA

Market on the go at an affordable price!

It is a common misconception that truck graphics have to be expensive and are therefore out of reach for small business owners. This notion is simply not true. In fact, we designed a perfectly sized Plasma Craft Art logo for the vehicle doors and lettering to identify the company’s website alongside a “Made in U.S.A.” notation for the truck bed side for less than $450. This cost included the vehicle prep work, the initial design consultation, graphic art proofs, manufacturing, and the installation. The truck now doubles as a mobile billboard that turns heads, generates interest in the company, and sends traffic to the website.

Why Small Businesses Need to Include Mobile Marketing in Their Advertising

Low cost vehicle decals and graphics in Orange County CA

Mobile marketing gets noticed!

Business News Daily has put together a comprehensive piece on the overall advantages and disadvantages of running a small business in California. In addition to mentioning taxes and wage hikes as possible problems that small business owners have to overcome, the publication points out that the sheer number of residents and wealthy consumers make it worth a company’s while to stay here.

But a challenge that any small business owner should be aware of is the geographic disparity with respect to consumers with higher disposable incomes. For a company that visits clients, this might mean a lot of driving – and plenty of opportunities to show off vehicle graphics or full wraps. Rather than seeing drive time as a negative, which is easy to do in rush hour traffic, consider it as a prime time advertising opportunity.

By becoming a highly visible advertiser on local roads and highways, you effectively even the playing field between your company and the multi-national corporation that also uses vehicle graphics to advertise a product or service. In fact, if your graphics or wrap product are more appealing and succeed at branding better than the competitor, you can even take business away from the larger players who have been around a while.

Buying SoCal Vehicle Graphics

Affordable vehicle graphics for businesses in Orange County CA

Ready for a billboard on wheels?

Whether you need low-cost vehicle graphics for small businesses in Orange County, CA, or you need to outfit a fleet and want to maximize the number of vehicles you can treat by keeping costs down, we can help. Contact our signage specialists to discuss your vision for the graphics package you have in mind. If you already have any artwork on file, we can incorporate it into the design. Conversely, if you do not yet have any graphics, we gladly create them from scratch. Schedule your design consultation today.

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