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Office Relocation Requires New Interior Signs and Graphics in Irvine CA

 Jul 12, 2016

CerraCap Ventures recently relocated. In the business of connecting entrepreneurs with Fortune 500 clients for mutually beneficial business opportunities, this company needed office relocation signs in Irvine, CA. When the management team contacted our specialists, we scheduled a design consultation.

Designing a Signage Combination for Heightened Impact

Etched vinyl window graphics in Orange County CA

Etched vinyl window graphics welcome!

After meeting with the client, we received an order for a lobby sign as well as window graphics for the conference room. Starting with the reception area marker, we relied on half-inch-thick PVC that we painted in a color matching the business’ online presentation of its name. The logo symbol, too, displays this tone.

Lobby signs for businesses relocating to Orange County CA

A lobby sign is an absolute must-do!

When entering the office, the customer immediately sees the glass front of the conference room. Although this setup adds pizzazz to the space, it makes it difficult to concentrate when a meeting is underway. We installed a strip of etched vinyl that presents as a stripe along the length of the glass, right underneath the graphics displaying the company’s name and logo. By combining the lobby and window signage in this manner, both products serve as wayfinding tools but also as branding instruments.

Benefiting from Multiple Branding Displays in an Office

Wall wraps for conference rooms in Orange County CA

Wall wraps brand and brighten conference rooms!

The combination of a lobby sign and window graphics as well as the accompanying lettering is becoming quite popular since so many offices now feature an open floor plan that champions plenty of glass but little privacy. That said, there are other branding opportunities galore.

Wall graphics for businesses relocating to Orange County CA

Wall wrap installation is a breeze!

  • Wall graphics. More and more companies now look to wall graphics to tell the stories of their businesses. Reproductions of early photos, initial leases, contracts, profit and loss statements, and founders’ quotes present in the form of a timeline that displays along the length of a hallway or conference room.
  • Banner and banner stand. Retractable banner stands are no longer just for the trade show circuit. Instead, they frequently now also find display opportunities in lobbies where they feature educational messages that benefit customers waiting for their appointments with staff members. Adding your logo and company name as well as colors is a snap.
  • Floor graphics. This signage solution is slowly gaining traction in the office setting. By displaying a logo and company name against the backdrop of vibrant colors, the consumer’s eye is drawn to the floor before going back up and taking note of the marketing and branding signage that is on display there. These products are ideal for tying together color schemes.

Buying Interior Signs and Graphics for Office Relocations in Irvine, CA

Signs and graphics for businesses relocating to Orange County CA

Ready to order your relocation signs and graphics?

If you are moving your office into Irvine or anywhere else in the OC, contact our graphic artists to put together your signage set. In addition to designing, manufacturing, and installing your lobby sign as well as window lettering and graphics, we can also meet your ADA-compliant signage needs, any banners you want to put up, and discuss the use of floor graphics and suite signs. When your move is part of a re-branding campaign, we can take on the task of changing over your signage products and also adapting an outdoor marker to suit the new font or color display. Contact us today to get started on your project.

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